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Was That Joe Or A Dark AI Fill-In


A dark 90-second video released at 6:00 AM on a Tuesday exemplifies the first term of the second-worst President in our history. Reusing his overworked lines from 2016, he says he will unite the country and finish the work of his first term. He said in 2016 that he wanted to restore the soul of America. He stole our soul, as that was all we had left after he spent our future on clever-sounding plans that were greener than Kermit.

Is Joe so unsure of his commitment to run at 82 that he released his announcement as the sun was rising on the Capitol—no prime-time announcement to get the most impact? We are seeing the start of another cellar campaign. In utter disrespect for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Maryann Williamson, who have announced their campaign for the Democrat candidate, Joe has announced that there will be no debates and primaries. So much for Democracy, Joe.

Joe also found sufficient time in the short presentation to insult many of us who claim to be MAGA Republicans. We are not drawn together by being called radical extremists and portrayed as violent individuals with no concern for the country. We are what the acronym says. We want to Make America Great Again, as we were doing before Biden started his first term. Joe is not a Unifier but a Divider, and four more years of his rhetoric and actions and we may be too far apart ever to come together.

The Debt Ceiling is a prime example of Biden not being a man of his word. He will not even meet with Kevin McCarthy to work out a compromise on the budget and ceiling. He and his mouthpiece, Karine Jean-Pierre, simply harp on the MAGA moniker. Maybe they are both “One-Trick-Ponies .”

Kamala Harris was seen in the video but never mentioned by name. Harris is a negative that he will need to answer to for the duration of his campaign. With President Biden starting a second term at 82, the topic of Harris stepping in as President must be addressed, and nobody will like the answer. Biden is the least favorite President ever to seek re-election. Kamala Harris is even less desirable with both Democrats and Republicans.

In addition to the daybreak video, it symbolizes what this campaign will be. There is no way Biden’s keepers would let him go live with the kick-off, and the entire campaign will be low-key and orchestrated. There will be few opportunities for the media to ask questions, and the possibility of blunders will be minimized. The only interaction the President will have to navigate will be the debates with the Republican candidate, and the press will be in his corner every step of the way.

The other major press release today involved the First Son. The judge presiding over the child-support case involving the President’s denied granddaughter begins on Monday, and Hunter has been ordered to appear in person. The Hunter story will supply much more drama and excitement than the senior Biden could ever deliver. He can no longer hide from justice in the White House, and this trial could expose far more that the Biden family wants the public to see.

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