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In Just One Week, The Biden Admin Proposed $21.5 Billion In New Regulations

The Biden administration proposed four rules with measurable economic impact in the week ending March 31 which would have a combined regulatory burden of $21.5 billion and 1.3 million hours of paperwork per year, according to an analysis by the American Action Forum (AAF) Monday.

The lion’s share of the costs would come from a pair of proposed regulations by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) placing limits on long-lasting chemicals in drinking water and imposing stricter wastewater discharge standards, the AAF reported, citing the EPA’s own estimates. Since the start of 2023, the Biden administration has finalized 42 new regulations with a combined regulatory burden of $41.8 billion and 2.7 million paperwork hours.

Since the president took office, the Biden administration has finalized 551 rules with a total cost of $359.9 billion and a paperwork burden of 220.1 million hours, the AAF reported. At the same time in his presidency, the Trump administration had issued 617 rules with a regulatory burden of $6.9 billion and 42.8 million paperwork hours, while the Obama administration had issued 797 rules with a regulatory burden of $209.3 billion and 134.5 million hours.

The largest component of this finalized regulatory burden is a $39 billion rule limiting emissions from heavy-duty vehicles, the AAF reported. The Biden administration recently approved a set of California regulations that would impose even more stringent regulations on heavy-duty vehicles, which experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation would likely be applied nationwide due to California’s dominant market position.

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  1. BRAIN DEAD BIDEN ‘S new regulations on heavy trucks will now increase everything we buy yet again!!! This will cost the trucking industry billions and the cost will of course go to us once again to foot the bill. We have had to cut our food buying drastically already…Every visit to the grocery store I can see the higher prices of what I paid just one week ago……. I saved up to buy new tires , which I need went to purchase and the prices have almost doubled from a year ago…..My nest egg I have saved up is only a little over what (2) tires will now cost me! Retired and money is tight now this in addition to everything else, and F’N Joe could care less along with the overbearing Demo-rats. Someone needs to boot this jack-ass out of office before we all die from lack of money…. Oh thats right he only spends on ILLEGALS, China , Ukrane, …………………………..

  2. He is spending all our futures and he is facilitating the maiming of countless young people by his mindless support of gender transformost of which are the result of whimsical decisions by young people, with support from their parents. Biden has no idea what he is doing, or why, but he supports it, because he is a radical lefty who does such things! He is clearly unable to stare down Chairman Xi and Vlad, so we will have to simply wait to see if we survive his brand of international diplomacy. I don’t know about you, but this old man frightens me!

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