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Did Eric Swalwell Really Call Someone A Traitor


Tell a lie, have a ton of witless followers, let them retell the lie, and this is how the Left controls this country. This narrative is why half of Americans have no idea what is happening, and this is why 35% of Americans think Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing a good job. This narrative is why Eric Swalwell is still in Congress.

Swalwell is a fraud, and he is an actual traitor. He had an affair with a Chinese spy, Fang Fang, and when he was alerted that the FBI was going to arrest her, he facilitated her speedy return to China before she could be detained. He was sleeping with Fang, a Communist Spy, exchanging pillow talk about his day on the Intelligence Committee. That Eric, is the act of a traitor or just another Representative from California.

Swalwell tweeted this about the 21-year-old alleged leaker from Massachusetts, Jack Teixeira: “FBI just caught one of the biggest traitors in America’s history, a right-wing anti-Semitic lunatic…”

We already addressed Swalwell calling anyone a traitor as laughable, but what facts does he have to make judgments about a man we know virtually little about? Swalwell is supposedly a lawyer but apparently skipped the class on innocent until proven guilty and don’t sleep with spies. They have to split that class up as it appears to have too much content for a man from California to comprehend.

Swalwell has a very active Twitter account. Let’s look at the impact of this one Tweet:

  • 2.4 Million Views

That is tremendous attention for such a polarizing figure who loves to point his finger at anyone quickly but never takes personal accountability

Swalwell fails to point out that the FBI did not find and apprehend Teixeira. They arrested him at his parent’s home in Massachusetts only after his identity was discovered by the New York Times. He also fails to point out the deceit of the Biden Administration over the American people exposed in these documents. Swalwell does not comment on the weakness of our security system that a member of the Air National Guard could access and copy this sensitive data.

There are so many Tweets on Swalwell’s account that you wonder how he gets any of the people’s work done. That may be a good thing for his district, but the tone of many of his posts is accusatory. Swalwell always points a finger but rarely apologizes for his missteps or accepts accountability.

You would think that someone who has had so much negative press that they would keep a low profile. Not Eric. He assumes that people have very short attention spans and that his importance outweighs his faults. He could not be more wrong. He entered the Presidential Race in 2020 but did not last a week. There was nobody excited to see him on the debate stage or to see him drop out. He is a non-entity.

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