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Biden Has Unleashed Lawlessness Across The Land



It should come as no surprise that a lawless president, running a lawless administration, is doing nothing to stanch, let alone reverse, the rising tide of lawlessness across the land.

That’s why I’ve become increasingly convinced that the only solution is to focus on making sure our elections are secure, because we’re going to need to use them at our earliest opportunity to replace this lawless president and his lawless cronies and restore the rule of law to the land.


In early March, a federal appeals court judge invited to give a talk at one of the nation’s premier law schools, Stanford Law School, was denied the opportunity to speak when a bunch of liberal law students heckled, jeered and shouted him down, accusing him of things a family newspaper cannot reprint. When he asked if a school administrator was present to restore order, the school’s associate dean for diversity, equity and inclusion (!) stepped in, took over, and then — to the guest speaker’s dismay — spent the next several minutes lecturing the guest speaker (from prepared notes) on the “harm” the guest speaker’s presence was causing some of the school’s students, before leading an insulting walkout.

A week and a half ago, two elected members of the lower chamber of the Tennessee legislature joined in with protesters determined to bring the business of the state legislature to a screeching halt. In an apparently unprecedented action, they used a bullhorn to lead chants of “no justice, no peace” from the floor of the state House, demanding legislative action on gun control opposed by the majority of the body, and contributed to the bedlam that overtook the state capitol — finding none of what they considered “justice,” they ensured that no one else would enjoy any peace.

Within days, the majority of the legislature acted to reimpose discipline on the body by voting to eject the two lawmakers from the legislature. And how did the Biden administration react to the news? Reading the news of the expulsions the following morning, Vice President Kamala Harris decided to tear up her schedule for that day and instead fly to Tennessee — to demonstrate her solidarity with the expelled former lawmakers.

Elsewhere, Riley Gaines, a female former champion swimmer who visited San Francisco State University to speak about saving women’s sports (by limiting such competition to competitors who were born female despite their preferred identities), was physically assaulted by a man in a dress and then forced to barricade herself in a small room where she was essentially held hostage for hours while “trans activists” chanted protests and refused to let her leave.

A day later, when a federal district judge ruled that the Food and Drug Administration had overstepped in approving an abortion-inducing drug more than two decades ago, several Democrat members of the House and Senate advised the Biden administration simply to ignore the judge’s ruling. Less than one business day after the judge issued his ruling, the Biden administration’s lawyers had filed an appeal, arguing that the plaintiffs had no legal standing to file their lawsuit because none of them had been harmed by the abortion drug.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration did itself no good when it did not even attempt to persuade Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to forgo his absurd prosecution of former President Trump. When half the nation perceives there are two standards of law — one for Biden and his cronies, and another for those who are not friends of the elite — and a prosecution as outrageous as Bragg’s is allowed to go forward, it strengthens that perception.

The Biden administration already has earned for itself a reputation as being lawless — see, for example, Supreme Court rulings rejecting Biden administration positions and arguments on extending an eviction moratorium, various COVID vaccine mandates, and an immigration guidance, among others, along with another expected Supreme Court rejection later this year, when the Court slams the brakes on Biden’s attempted student loan payoff plan.

As I travel the country, many worry our country is lost, and that America will now and forever be a banana republic. That could be true. However, I continue to believe in the greatness of America.

The problem is not our laws or the Constitution. The problem is the people abusing the law.

The current situation is not the first time America seems on the brink of catastrophe. The path forward is to restore faith in our election systems and then use those systems to win elections, changing the people in office who have created today’s problems.

I’ve spent the better part of the last two years working in coalition with others to improve election integrity, and to help train an army of citizen activists in the standards and practices of election integrity, so that we can have faith that our elections are being administered fairly and lawfully. After all, if the elections aren’t being administered fairly and lawfully, the citizenry won’t trust the results. And if the citizenry doesn’t trust the results, elections will be of no use in serving as the citizenry’s check on our elected officials.

While I continue working to improve election integrity, I am also working to ensure we win elections. Each of us must do the same — volunteering on and donating to campaigns — to ensure we defeat tyrants in 2024.

Our country is not lost because we have bad people running it. We’ve had bad people running the country before and our nation has survived. We need to remove these bad actors to make it better.

But they haven’t destroyed the country. And we won’t let them.

Jenny Beth Martin is Honorary Chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

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