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Biden Crime Family Wants Four More Years


Joe Biden is not a patriot and is not announcing his re-election campaign today out of love for this country. He is defying age and health for the sake of Power, Greed, and Protection. The first two are easy to understand. Biden has been a piece of the D.C. Swamp for over 50 years. He does not have much to show for his time in important legislation that has benefited the country, and his views on most major issues like abortion and crime have flip-flopped during his career. The Biden Family has benefited tremendously from his time and amassed fortunes far beyond what his income should have provided. Joe Biden will be a shining example of what is wrong with D.C. and what is destroying America from the inside out. That is if anyone were to pen an honest biography.

The last, Protection, is a bit more complex and cloudy. The Bidens feel the pressure mounting from the FBI and Justice Department to get to the bottom of the Biden Family Cabral. States like Arkansas are also seeking them for the indiscretions of the First Son, Hunter Biden. As long as Joe Biden is safely inside the White House or surrounded by the Secret Service, he is wearing Superman’s cape. He knows the first step into private life will probably walk into an indictment. The former President will be the kryptonite title that brings the house of cards down on the Corvette.

Meanwhile, it is reported that Hunter Biden has moved into the White House. Hunter had gone underground until he surfaced, living in one of Biden’s Delaware homes. Hunter had been living there when the classified documents were discovered in the garage leading many to ponder if Hunter and his associates had accessed those documents. He, too, is now safely inside the walls of the White House, enjoying the same comfort and security as his Father. He has been seen at his Father’s side at the White House Easter Egg Roll and played the celebrity son role on the President’s recent trip to Ireland.

Lawyers for former stripper Lunden Roberts asked an Arkansas court Friday to jail the first son for failing to fork over his financial records as required in her lawsuit over support payments for their 4-year-old unacknowledged daughter, Navy. Roberts claims that attempts to serve Hunter with legal papers have failed because of the Protection afforded him by the White House and Secret Service. She also has enlisted Biden nemesis Garrett Ziegler as an expert witness for the trial expected in July.

Zieglar, a former Trump adviser, founded the nonprofit Marco Polo, which published a 644-page analysis of Hunter’s infamous laptop last year, identifying hundreds of alleged crimes. Ironically, the FBI has supposedly been investigating the dealings of Hunter Biden for nearly six years. But, it might be a lawsuit by an ex-stripper over unpaid support for her shared son with Hunter Biden that brings him down and exposes the secrets of the Biden Money Laundering Operation.

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