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The Question is Not ‘Can We Afford Reparations’


San Francisco is the first major American city to consider a plan to pay reparations to black descendants of slaves. Per the WOKE, I cannot use the term “slave” as that is considered dehumanizing. The WOKE insists I use “Enslaved Person” instead. You can throw the WOKE dictionary and handbook into the ocean. I listened to a debate today on the subject. I got frustrated because the discussion was not on the value of reparations but on whether we could afford the incredible amount of money this plan would require. We are debating the wrong question. Don’t be concerned with how, but why reparations should be paid. You know how I feel about this idea by this point in my article. NO reparations, end of the story, drop the mic.

San Francisco could become the first major US city to fund reparations under a plan to award $5m to each eligible black resident.
A city-appointed panel also suggests guaranteed annual incomes of $97,000 for qualifying recipients and homes in San Francisco for $1 a family. The city’s Board of Supervisors has begun considering the recommendations.

Supporters say it would be just compensation to black Americans for the legacy of slavery and racism. Opponents say the price tag is too high.

San Francisco created a Reparations Committee that developed more than one hundred ideas to put into a final plan. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the reparations committee chairman Eric McDonnell said: “When you consider all of the ways in which the systems and practices have been managed to exclude and steal, if you will, the opportunities for financial mobility – families are hurting and have been for decades, if not longer. Financial repair is time sensitive. That is not one that can or should wait.”

Nearly two million people in California would qualify for reparations under the committee’s guidelines.

Slavery was abolished, under Republican guidance, over two hundred and fifty years ago. What connection does any black person living today have with slaves living over two hundred years ago? California has been found to have treated Asian immigrants far worse than the black slaves of our past. Does that make Asian Americans the next group to receive a tax-payer handout?

This committee has devised one hundred ways to pay reparations, but none that justify the reparations being considered. I will not argue that slaves were mistreated, as have every group that has suffered enslavement going back to medieval times. America lost over 600,000 men in the Civil War to end slavery. And I think that is apology enough. I feel no need for a personal apology, nor do I believe a single tax dollar should go to these WOKE ideas that are clearly meant to buy back the Black vote that has been slipping away from the Democrats. Maybe these Democrats should develop policies to clean up crime in America and encourage businesses to grow and create opportunities for Blacks, Browns, Reds, and Whites. Stop isolating groups, and you may see a decrease in racist ideas as we all grow together. Stop looking for ways to use money and property to make yourself feel better that you righted a wrong. You did not do any such thing, and you will not use my money to satisfy your guilt.

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  1. How so inconvenient it is that the very first black American black declared a slave for life in a Virginia court in 1655 was John Casor and that his owner, Anthony Johnson, was also black. Anthony also owned two WHITE indentured servants. I identify as being a descendant of one of them and want reparations from blacks!

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