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Schumer Trying to Give DC the Gift of Statehood

For many years, there has been an initiative to make Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico states. This has been a goal of Democrats because the benefit to statehood for these two entities is a more secure hold on Congress. This logic is based on the assumption that both new states would be solid Blue. Each new state would add two Democrat Senators and one Congressman. The D.C. area has a population of just over 700,000. It would not be the least populated state, but would be a very important state for the Left. Securing statehood for D.C. is more important to the Democrat Party for the power it would bring than the benefits it would bring the people of D.C.

D.C. is one of the most dangerous cities in the country and an embarrassment to the country to be our National Capital. D.C. is a unique piece of America carved out of Virginia and Maryland to host our Capital. The oversight was that the residents were not given federal representation. This has gone unresolved for over two hundred years. One of the solutions would have been having the residents decide which state they wanted to be absorbed by. They then would have been represented without the addition of another state. That does not benefit the Democrats. They need more.

The increase in the number of states is part of a larger plan. The Left wants to reduce the voting age to 16, knowing that the new younger voters will be primarily left-leaning. They want to give illegal aliens the right to vote in local and state elections. The same logic as the voting age reduction drives this. The Dems want more absentee and mail-in voting because there is less control and accountability of these votes. Similar thinking explains the Left’s disdain for Voter ID and why they want to allow vote harvesting. It is apparent the Left wants to skew the voting process in their favor. Why can’t they work on getting on board with policies that will better Americans and fight for their seats on an honest playing field? Because it is far easier to cheat and bribe to retain power.

In addition to these procedural attempts to secure power, the Left has control of most of the media machine. They also have a grip on the Intelligence community and social media. This is why Elon Musk scares the hell out of the Left because Twitter is an open forum that is a dent in their arsenal. The incredible spending spree we have witnessed in the last two years is the frosting on the cake. The redistribution bill disguised as a infrastructure bill, the inflation reduction act, which was a climate control bill, and the student loan forgiveness executive order was nothing but a $20,000 check to secure votes. All are payouts for votes. If the Left would concentrate on pro-American policies, they could save us a boatload of money, because one thing that Liberals never do is spend their own cash.

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Ray Cardello

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