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Russia Likely Won’t Repair The Nord Stream Pipeline

Russia has no plans to repair the Nord Stream gas pipelines, formerly a major source of Russian oil in Europe, which was rendered unusable following an as-yet unexplained act of sabotage, Reuters reported Thursday, citing sources familiar with the country’s plans.

While Russia’s state-owned oil firm Gazprom is capable of repairing the line, the project has been “buried” as a result of ongoing tensions with the West, Reuters reported, citing a pair of sources familiar with the situation. The firm is likely to reseal the undersea pipelines so that they can be preserved for potential future use.

Three of the four pipelines that comprise Nord Stream were rendered unusable by explosives in September, and a Russian proposal to continue use of the undamaged line was rejected by Germany, according Reuters. While investigations into the sabotage are ongoing in Germany, Sweden and Denmark, Swedish authorities discovered explosive materials at the site of the leaks in November, and Finnish Foreign Minister said in December that the sabotage could only have been performed by a “state-level actor.”

The sabotage came amid a European energy crisis, brought on by a substantial cutback in the continent’s consumption of Russian oil after Russia restricted deliveries through the Nord Stream pipeline. Gas consumption in Europe dropped by more than 19%, with a mild winter helping ease demand for gas, Reuters reported.

While several officials in the West made public statements alleging that Russia was responsible for the attack, the Western intelligence community has reportedly failed to find conclusive evidence that Russia was responsible for the attack, The Washington Post reported, citing interviews with nearly two dozen diplomats and intelligence operatives from nine countries. Conversely, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Segei Ryabkov said in early February that a report from American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh alleging that the Biden administration was responsible for the sabotage was “not surprising” and that Russia assumed that “the U.S. and several NATO allies were involved in this disgusting crime,” according to Bloomberg; many other news outlets have cast doubt on Hersh’s account.

Reuters noted that its report was “produced in Russia, where the law restricts coverage of Russian military operations in Ukraine.”

Gazprom did not immediately respond to a Daily Caller News Foundation request for comment.

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One Comment

  1. “as yet unexplained”. Nonsense. Biden blew up the pipeline in an act or war against Russia and then laughably said that the Russians blew up their own pipeline when, if it was to punish Europe, Putin could have just turned it off. Remember that Biden was for the Nord Stream II pipeline before and Trump was against it, because he said that Europe was too dependent on Russian gas and oil. In fact, they were after decades of their own “Green New Deal” policies caused them to depend on Russian gas and oil for 40 to 50% of their energy. Now they are desperately digging for coal, their inflation is higher than ours and, in some places, energy costs have risen 1000%.

    So, in spite of Biden’s “sanctions” against Russia and his destruction of the pipeline, Russia can sell all the gas and oil it wants to China and India; the two biggest countries in the world. Europe’s economies are crashing with ours soon to follow while the ruble is rising and Russia’s GDP is growing faster than ours. Thanks to Biden, Putin has a new best buddy; Xi Jinping, which is the worst possible thing possible for our (and the world’s) national security. Way to go Brandon. Its way past time for all Americans to demand a settlement to this horrible war before Biden and the Neocons walk us right into WWIII.

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