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Real Women Are Not Enough


The White House celebrated International Women’s Day by honoring a Trans Woman. Let that sink in. On a day to celebrate women, we cannot find a biological woman to elevate. We see a man who is now a woman to celebrate as better than any woman we could find. As a Conservative individual who identifies, as I have from birth, as a male, I am disgusted by this whole debate.

There were so many women who were sitting on that stage with the First Lady who deserved to be recognized for their accomplishments. Unfortunately, the First Lady decided to highlight the WOKE version of a woman to honor rather than the real thing. Why is being transgender such an accomplishment? Why do we celebrate and promote these people?

There were eleven women on stage from every corner of the world. Here are notes about a few:

Dr. Zakira Hekmat of Afghanistan had to attend high school secretly in defiance of her country’s hard-line rulers. She became a doctor, working with refugees. She now lives in Turkey.

Brigadier General Bolor Ganbold flew over her military’s top hurdle, becoming the first female general in Mongolia and that country’s first female staff officer assigned to a U.N. peacekeeping operation.

Professor Daniele Darlan was fired from her nation’s top court after she refused to allow changes to the constitution of her country, the Central African Republic, to allow the President to extend his rule. That and other acts earned her the nickname “Woman of Iron.”

These women broke barriers, overcame challenges, and shattered the glass ceiling. But apparently, none accomplished as much as the woman born a man.

These were some notable comments as Twitter World exploded after this event.

“We are not a serious country,” Common Sense Society’s Christopher Bedford responded.

“Why are the Democrats working overtime to push the trans agenda?” news commentator and former congressional nominee Karoline Leavitt asked. 

Claremont Institute president Ryan P. Williams tweeted, “The jokes write themselves.”

We understand this Administration’s infatuation with diversity and consider it more important than competency. But no one can explain the adoration for transgender individuals. The President and his team are the tip of this iceberg, as we know the push to promote trans options extends to our elementary schools. This is a problem and needs to be treated as such. Teachers have no place in counseling young children on gender options, and to do so is child abuse.

Here in New Hampshire, legislators are working to protect parents’ right to be told by educators if they become aware of their child asking about or taking steps to reassign their gender. Surprisingly, these laws are meeting opposition, with some wanting to protect teachers over parents. There are also bills to protect trans individuals from abuse and harassment. Abi Maxwell, the mother of a 10-year-old transgender girl, told the crowd that her family moved out of their small town because her daughter was bullied by children and adults alike for her gender.

Think about that last statement. Parents who guide their young children through gender reassignment before they even reach puberty should be charged with abuse. No preteen is ready to make such a decision, and to think that society is celebrating such decisions is sickening. We don’t allow children to drive until 16, vote until 18, or buy alcohol until 21, but we let them decide to change their birth gender at 10. What the heck are we doing? Like our public education, gender counseling is failing our kids and must stop.

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Ray Cardello

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  1. I find it astonishing that after decades of fighting for equal rights, women are so easily giving up/back what they fought so hard for. They have allowed biological men to enter and use their bathrooms, compete against them on the athletic field break all their records and now be “honored” as women of the year. It’s hard to even begin to understand.

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