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Progressives Duck as Pendulum Swings Back


It is now evident that the sentiment on crime in this country is finally swinging back to reality. Republican Lee Zeldin was unsuccessful in unseating Kathy Hochul for the Governor’s office in New York. Still, his anti-crime platform was strong enough to sweep Republicans into many statewide offices. The performance in such a solid Blue state was far more successful than the soft results by Republicans across the country.

The firing of Lori Lightfoot after just one term as Chicago’s Mayor reflects the state of crime and lack of safety in the country’s fourth-largest city. Crime rates exploded in her four-year term, and as a result, the people sent her packing. Recall efforts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New Orleans are indicators that people have had enough of the soft-on-crime and defund-police thinking of the radical Progressive Left. People want safety and sanity in their neighborhoods.

Washington, D.C. is unique in America. The city has a council, but Congress has oversight, and though it does not happen often, the Federal government is stepping in on the crime bill passed by the city officials. Mayor Muriel Bowser vetoed the bill, but the council overrode her veto.

Washington, D.C. is already one of our most dangerous cities with an out-of-control crime rate. This bill would incentivize criminals to come to D.C. to take advantage of soft laws and a depleted Police force. The number of active officers has dropped to the 1970s level, which is inadequate to keep the city and the federal infrastructure safe.

The image below outlines the components of the crime bill, and none of the proposals will make the city safer for residents. It will make the city safer for criminals and beckons the question, who are these politicians serving?

This situation has caused confusion in Congress. The GOP House has passed a bill to eradicate this bill, and Joe Biden surprised the Left by saying he would sign the GOP bill if the Senate moves it to him. The Left is apoplectic. They see it as contradictory that Biden can support statehood for D.C. but choose to get involved in overturning a bill passed by their city council. These people on the Left cannot rationalize that the legislation is so destructive that even Joe Biden could not sit by and see it become law—a new law to morph D.C. into a lawless community.

To complicate matters, Schumer signed a Senate bill today to make D.C. the 51st state. This legislation should not get through the House, but Biden will sign it if it reaches the Oval Office. Biden’s views do not square with his intentions to sign the bill killing the D.C. crime bill. Confusing? Absolutely. The key takeaways are that the crime bill has to be squashed, as does the D.C. statehood.

This scenario is why it is so imperative that we never allow the Democrats to gain total control of the government, again. They could destroy this country in record time and our enemies will never have to fire a shot.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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