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13 Year-old Boy’s Insight Into The Transgender Explosion

“Why is this happening?” one parent asks.

Scrolling through Tiktok, I came across the video of a father who was grappling with why “transgenderism” among our youth was exploding. “Where is this all coming from so suddenly?” he wailed.

I don’t think the word “sudden” has any place in that question. Nothing about this is sudden, it seems. The topic has become quite loud though, with plenty of well-educated people and professionals placing heavy weight on the judgment and insight of young children who feel the need to transition. Claims that “we need to listen to kids when they are telling us who they are” so easily and passionately roll off the tongue.

Thinking about this, it compelled me to ask my own 13 year-old son for his judgment and insight on why transgenderism is exploding among his peers. A very solid kid, his opinion can’t be invalidated based upon current train of thought. These five points is what he shared:

  1. These kids are seeking attention and acceptance — Having a tough time fitting in at school, by suddenly announcing they are transgender, they receive automatic attention by teachers and students and immediate acceptance into the transgender social group;
  2. Boys are hated, especially alpha boys — The backlash against being “male” in our society in the traditional sense of that word isn’t escaping boys, especially at school. It is easier to be a girl today and boys with less than perfect circumstances underneath them and self-esteem issues may just decide to try it out simply because schools support it. This leads me to my son’s next observation;
  3. Teachers open the door to transgenderism too easily for kids — My son explained that the first day of school, his teacher asked each student what their pronouns were. Doing so paves the way for testing out different genders and identities without hesitation;
  4. Certain parents push it on kids — Some parents seem like they want their kids to be transgender. Others become obsessed with things that aren’t happening in their kids’ lives because it is happening in other families;
  5. Story hour isn’t “Piggy and Gerald” anymore — Books and learning are no longer innocent but filled with examples of transitioning and transgenderism.

So there you have it, a regular kid’s daily experience and take on why transgenderism is exploding today. This is what he sees. And no doubt, if you ask your own kid, similar answers will crop up. And maybe even a few more. Since we were on our way to Urban Air Play Park, we only had a bit of time to discuss this topic, but I think my son said a mouthful even so.

What truly upsets me in all of this is the fact that “transgenderism” has become vogue in kid-world today, and in that, speaks to the mishandling of all children, everywhere. We, adults, really need to do better in every aspect of our kids lives, including in the home and at school. This includes in the management of ourselves and our own lives. There is a reason our kids are in such crisis today and we need to own it.

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Laura Wellington

Laura J. Wellington is the founder of ZNEEX friendship-walking app. She is an award-winning children's brand creator, author, blogger, and political commentary writer.

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