Democrats Are Not Serious, Meaningful, Productive People

Recently we have been informed of people who have gotten in trouble with the Democrat, woke, leftist mob because they forgot the pronouns that people they dealt with prefer to be used when referring to them. One was a prosecutor who called the crook he was investigating by the wrong pronoun, and another was a case of a teacher who forgot the preferred pronoun of a student. Both the prosecutor and the teacher were punished for these serious crimes. But who can remember the off-the-wall pronouns that insane, confused people prefer to be called, and who can blame a sensible person who calls a biological man “he” or “him“? These trans, or trans-like people, cannot serve any real purpose when they defy biology and common sense with their idiotic demands of some foolish pronouns, and then expect serious people to remember their made-up names or stir up trouble with the law or with an employer if their names are forgotten.

Who are these non-serious people, who have money but produce no product, who have no productive job, who have influence on our daily lives but deliver only confusion and chaos?

Where do these nonsense, non-serious people come from and how are they able to feed themselves and provide themselves shelter? Woke companies and government organizations must be providing them a livelihood at tax-payer expense, because with all of their tampering in the private and public lives of Americans, they don’t have time to have a real job. The things these non-serious and non-meaningful people do and say will one day be laughed at along with the idiocy of their failed beliefs. But at the current time, they are destroying our nation.

Who are the people who say things like:
Don’t say “men“, but instead say “sperm providers“; and don’t say “women“, but rather say “egg donors“. Plain, understandable, traditional English is too yesterday for woke people.
What are your pronouns”, these fools will ask.
They claim global warming will kill us all. But with no noticeable warming of the earth and no salt water in the streets of Miami or Los Angeles to prove we‘re doomed and that the polar ice is melting due to all of the imagined warming, they keep repeating these same old lies and attempt to use the power of government to deprive American citizens of freedom and liberty by claiming a “climate crisis“ is at hand.
And the woke-meisters are dead serious when they tell us that men can bear children.

These are the same loafers who hit us with the idiot chant of “diversity, equity, inclusion”, while the same persons making these statements are part of a diversified society with many minority millionaires, seeking equity when they are likely already wealthy, and demand inclusion into groups they probably already control and from which they seek to exclude people who are different from themselves, which is a direct contradiction to all of their supposed “woke” principles.

And all of this confusion and chaos being lowered on Americans is for the benefit of the gay/trans/woke community which makes up less than one-percent of the U.S. population. So votes do matter when a fool like Joey Biden is one of the candidates and unfortunately gets elected.

One enormous deficiency of the Democrat/woke personality that is making America less livable all the time, is their hate of police officers and their soft forgiveness of any criminal, no matter how vile and violent that criminal might be. In too many Democrat-run cities, once a criminal has been identified and caught, they are turned loose onto the streets to strike again. One might speculate that this tendency to release violent offenders back into society is a new twist on the Christian policy of turn-the-other-cheek forgiveness. But these Democrat deviants are not Christians and they don’t forgive actions they don‘t approve of. They are merely criminals who hate society, and perhaps subconsciously want to punish every patriotic and peaceful citizen for being such sticklers for obeying the constitution and supporting our way of life, with their new cars, their mortgaged homes, their nicely pressed shirts and shined shoes. Criminal acts are the new Democrat “normal” and patriotism and respect for the law are now forbidden.

Additionally, who are these deviants who are making sex changes and gender affirming modifications to children, without the knowledge of their parents? The lives of unfortunate children are being ruined, with only one entity benefiting from this criminal behavior: the medical facilities where the expensive operations are being performed, and the sale of drugs at the site of those operations, that the patient will need to buy for the rest of his/her life, to correct the imbalance of emotions and hormones that these operations and drugs create.

Republican leaders must make these insanely out-of-control Democrats stop the moves they are making to destroy the comfortable lives we have in America. We all have to stop going-along in order to get-along with the Democrats, and the current House of Representatives, having a Republican majority, seems to be on the right path to setting the record straight, and we must all show them that we appreciate and support their efforts to defeat Democrats.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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