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Coming For Your Guns…and Prayers


We heard from three of the Democrat’s finest voices this week. No, Joe Biden is not one of them because his comments on Thursday continued to show how flawed his thinking is. I shouldn’t say flawed because that work implies wrong. Joe Biden’s thinking is defective. He cannot think clearly despite Karine Jean-Pierre saying Joe Biden is the best communicator in the Administration. What exactly say about the rest of the gang?

The three I am referring to are Alexandria Cortez (D-NY), Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), and the Democrat Golden-Boy, Gavin Newsom (D-CA). In three short statements, these three divulged the true intent of the Democrat Party and the extent of the fear generated by the Right.

Gavin Newsom is tearing into the GOP for not going along with his new gun-control laws. He mocked them by saying the current level of gun violence is a cost of freedom. He joked about thoughts and prayers at the expense of freedom. Far be it for him to think a person could have freedom and prayer. To a Democrat, both of those ideas are evil. What they want is a purely secular society where people worship the governing class, and the governing class will cripple you with restrictions on your life. No wonder people are leaving California by the thousands, which is okay with Newsom. We will replace them with illegal citizens, give them the right to vote, and ensure our dominance and control forever.

Gretchen Whitmer should not even have a job after nearly being recalled for the damage she did to Michigan during COVID. But the ignorant voters returned her to her throne, and from there, she continued to rule. She believes there is widespread use of 3-D printing, turning most semi-automatic guns into fully-automatic. She cannot verify this but uses it as an excuse to confiscate weapons from the public. I agree that many people should not have guns, but using a concocted reason is not the way to seize them. She, too, went after thoughts and prayers. She must have gotten the same talking points memo as Gavin and said that the era of thoughts and prayers is over, and it is time to disarm the public. Do you see a pattern here? Tear down religion and prayer and disarm the masses. They will be easier to control if not packing.

And then there is Sandy Cortez. She cannot stand religion so much that she was triggered by two Super Bowl ads purchased by Right Wing Conservative groups. These ads have been running for months and are pro-Jesus in nature. “He Gets Us” is an American religious advertising campaign launched in 2022 by The Servant Christian Foundation, a non-profit primarily comprising anonymous donors. The campaign aims to “reintroduce” the “Jesus of the Bible” to younger demographics and religious skeptics.

Sandy is Hispanic, and we know these folks are usually some of the most religious people you will find. Maybe Sandy lost her way while at Boston University or while shaking drinks behind the bar. Whichever the case, she has no use for religion. She has a problem with TV ads promoting Jesus, but she has no problem with young children exposed to gender identity and sexuality options in grade schools. Her priorities are a mess, but should we be surprised by her track record?

The GOP may not have had the successful midterms they had hoped, but with Joe Biden’s poor performance, they will have another grab at the ring in 2024. If they can get their act together, and focus on what America and being American should look like, they should be far more successful in 2024.

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Ray Cardello

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