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America In The Age Of Stupidity: When Will America Say Enough Is Enough

Is America at the turning point? How much longer will America put up with this big government Marxist crap?

Throughout history, we have gone through different ages, The Ice Age, The Gilded Age, and The Industrial Age. Now We Are Living In The Stupid Age, Where Reality, Truth, And Common Sense Don’t Exist.

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One Comment

  1. I couldn’t agree with Mr. Vaca more but the sad truth is that most Americans are either propagandized or uninformed. America’s destruction, ironically, will come from America’s success. Because we are the richest, most successful country in the history of the world, we have become fat and complacent and increasingly ignorant as our inept public school system continues to fail to teach basic math and reading skills but promotes CRT and sexual grooming. Unbelievably, nearly half the country receives some form of government assistance and 40% of the population pays no income tax so we may well be beyond the point of no return. The poorest among us have cell phones, flat screen T.V.’s, and can live in government subsidized housing with heat, air conditioning, clean water, and get free food if necessary. Not true in most of the rest of the world where people actually still starve to death. Of course, this segment of the population will always vote for more “free stuff”; i.e. they’ll always vote for the Democrats.

    Then there’s the supposedly highly educated segment of the population of voters that have been propagandized and indoctrinated instead of educated. Remember that 63% of 18-29 year olds vote Democratic. They don’t know anything about critical thinking, and get most of their news and form their opinions based on social media platforms that censor all opposition political views. That and their friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or Flip Flop or wherever it is that they go nowadays to post pics of their naked body parts, their delicious dinners, their fabulous adventures, or their cute cats. And, oh yeah, that’s where they get their very limited and distorted political opinions. It seems that they think of abortion as just another form of birth control and they shout “my body my choice”, except when they have to get an experimental and potentially dangerous “jab” before they can finish their degree in “Climatology” or “Gender Studies”. They’re the ones that opened their wallets to give 90 million dollars to the race baiting grifters of BLM. They elected the Soros prosecutors and love the socialist Bernie Sanders. They believe the lie that climate change is an “existential threat” to our very existence. They’re not religious and they believe in moral relativism. I can pretty much guarantee that they couldn’t tell you what the first five amendments to the Constitution are, don’t know the difference between a Democracy and a Constitutional Republic, and don’t even know the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

    It will be the greatest tragedy in the history of the world, that the greatest Republic in the world and the great “American experiment” will be destroyed, not by a foreign invader, but by its own populace’s ignorance.

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