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McCarthy needs to hang it up.

After 11 rounds of voting, Kevin McCarthy still remains in the ring, unable to be knocked down. Since January 3rd, the House of Representatives has conducted 11 distinctive elections regarding the speaker. None of the candidates, having received a majority of 218 votes, the House will be forced to keep conducting elections. In my view, this political charade needs to stop. While Republicans dictate who should be the speaker, the American people are inextricably suffering to pay for groceries, gas, or any other of their needs. The House must stop this nonsense and get to work for the American People. Kevin McCarthy should step aside, here’s why. 

On January 3rd, as the 118th congress was sworn in, 3 different elections for speakers were held. In the first two, 19 House Republicans voted against McCarthy, thus, disenabling him from reaching the magical number of 218. By the 3rd election, Byron Donalds, who had previously voted for McCarthy, decided to join 19 other Republicans, and vote for Jim Jordan. Consequently, the house was adjourned until January 4th at noon. 

As if the theater would come to an end, on January 4th, 3 more elections for speaker were held, in which McCarthy was unable to reach the threshold needed to become speaker. However, on January 4th, the candidate wasn’t Jim Jordan, it was Byron Donalds of Florida. As of this writing, the house has been adjourned once more until January 5th, at noon. Considering that nothing is being done for the American People, and Kevin McCarthy won’t be winning anytime soon, he should immediately renounce his candidacy for speaker, and instead, prioritize getting to work for the American People. Will he do that? Of course not. 

Indubitably, Kevin McCarthy would make a significantly better speaker than Nancy Pelosi, that’s an undisputed claim, however, Kevin McCarthy is a Washington Politician, a politician in every sense of the word. He flows with the current, that is Washington Politics. For example, during the aftermath of the January 6th riots, McCarthy blasted President Trump by conveying that the riots were his fault. McCarthy stated, “The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by mob rioters,” Really, Kevin? Everyone knows what President Trump told his supporters that day, to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard. Those words don’t signal a call to arms or violence. The real person who “bears responsibility” was Nancy Pelosi, who directly refused to order the presence of national guard troops to defend the capitol on January 6th, as requested by President Trump. 

Accordingly, NPR depicted that McCarthy hypothetically planned of urging Trump to resign as a consequence of the January 6th riots. NPR reports that McCarthy planned to say, “I think this will pass, and that would be my recommendation you [Trump] should resign,”. If what is aforementioned is true, Kevin McCarthy has no business being the leader of the Republican Party, which was revived by trump in 2016 when he came down the escalator and announced his candidacy for President. 

On the issue of Ukraine, McCarthy was perceived as “weak”, considering he was unable to steer 9 of his colleagues in the 117th congress to refrain from voting for the Bunyanesque omnibus bill. Indeed, a leader who has no influence is weak, and therefore, should not be placed in the highest position of the House of Representatives. Remember when the first massive Ukraine package passed the House in May of 2022? McCarthy was one of the members who voted for it, prioritizing Ukraine over American interests, at a time when inflation was at its apogee, as it remains today. McCarthy might be a conservative in some respects, but regardless, he is a Washington politician, and America cannot afford these “politicians” any longer. Americans don’t want another Paul Ryan or John Boehner. America wants a true conservative, someone who doesn’t want the position of speaker, simply because of pure cupidity. Rather, someone who is equipped for the job, will lead by example, and get things done for the American People. Kevin McCarthy should put the interests of America and step aside. Many are indicating Trump’s “loyalty”, considering he is endorsing McCarthy for speaker, however, what does that matter? Trump is the most “anti-establishment” President in presidential history, and yet he should have a right to endorse whomever he desires. With that being said, I disagree with the President, but I am not willing to abnegate my support for him, as some are doing. 

Nevertheless, Republicans must get together and form a consensus as to who the speaker of the House should be. It won’t be McCarthy, that’s for sure. McCarthy has gone 0-6 in his bid for speaker. It’s time for him to let go. He did what he could, he tried, and he failed. Enough of the charades. America needs action. The House needs to get to work for the American people. 

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Anthony Gonzalez

President of the conservative club at my high school, author for American Thinker, Blabber Buzz, and CDN. Unapologetically conservative.

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