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Equal Application of the Law……Yeah, Right


The reporters yell out questions at the President, hungry for answers from the most transparent administration in history. Answers are not forthcoming, but a laughing, smirking gaze from the President is. It is time to lose the smirk, Mr. President. We know you see yourself and your delinquent son above the law, and there is not enough kryptonite to bring you down. As with most everything else in your career, you are wrong, dead wrong. The Republican House smells blood, and they have your scent. McCarthy, Jordan, and Comer are not going to let up. They want you on the mat for the count and the end of your compromised reign.

Document Gate is the third major scandal in the last decade involving a sitting President, a Vice President, and a wannabe President. Two Democrats and one Republican and equal application of the law has no standing here. One has his home and his wife’s lingerie, and undergarments searched. The other two, the Democrats, get a free pass to have their lawyers search for any remaining documents without any FBI or DOJ oversight and destroy over 30,000 emails under subpoena. Nothing to see here for the Democrats, while we are not done looking, ever, for the Republican. Trump is blasted daily by Democrats and the media, while the same two groups make excuses for Biden and Clinton. There is no equal application. That is a joke. Need proof, look up the Hunter Biden Laptop and the fact he has not been charged. Look at the $50,000 a month “rent” Hunter was paying to live in Joe’s Delaware beach house. Yes, Hunter was staying in the same house where most of the documents were found, but no problem here; they were locked in the garage with the ’67 Vette…….What a joke, but Americans are not laughing. By the way, that $50,000 was an excellent way to launder the 10% payment to “The Big Guy.” You cannot make this up, yet Joe smirks and laughs. Guess Jim Clyburn was right when he said this whole investigation is laughable.

I watched Jim Clyburn interviewed, actually pressed, this afternoon, and it was amazing how calm he was about Biden’s missteps. It was as if he knew nothing would ever come of the allegations. He knows that Biden, Hunter, heck, the whole administration is protected because they are Democrats. Yes, mistakes were made, but let’s be patient and let it play out. No such patience ever rose to the surface with Trump. Not until his head was on a stick, Game of Thrones style, would Clyburn and his colleagues be satisfied. With Joe, let it play out. What a corrupt quagmire. This swamp is too deep and too overgrown ever to be drained. Not in my lifetime, for sure.

The White House Press Briefing has become a daily sparing match. The questions are more direct, and the answers are the same. Why schedule these exercises in futility? Is Karine Jean-Pierre trying to wear down the press? She is no match, but for now, she will hide behind the catchphrases: “there is a process” and “I refer you to the DOJ.” Lame, but it is working for now. I almost feel bad for her. She is totally out of her league, but then her arrogance shines through, and my empathy fades as that big smirk on Joe’s face grows. These events of the last few weeks paint a sad picture. The Republicans have to be cautious not to get swept up in investigations that they forget to legislate. I think it is giving them too much credit to think this is the plan of the Democrats. They are not that savvy, just that corrupt.

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Ray Cardello

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