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Drip, Drip, Drip for Biden Scandal

More documents were found in the Delaware home of president Joe Biden. We keep being told by Karine Jean-Pierre that all the documents have been recovered and turned over. She continues to gaslight that this Administration is the most transparent in history. KJP will not sleep this weekend as she waits to be grilled by the press on Monday.

We need to get one thing very clear. Biden and his team did not turn the first batch of documents over to the FBI. They claim to have done the right thing, but that horse has left the barn. When Biden’s lawyers found the first stash of classified, they did not notify Secret Service or the FBI. They informed the Department of Archives. It was Archives that called the FBI. Why were Biden’s lawyers involved, and why did they call archives? The Biden team did not do the right thing. The Biden team is playing defense and covering up their sins. The cover-up is far greater than the crime.

The materials found today in Biden’s Delaware home are classified documents from when Joe Biden was a Senator. That means they have been held in Joe Biden’s house since before 2008. These classified documents have been accessible by anyone for at least 14 years. Joe Biden and Jean-Pierre continue to use the phrase, “the President takes classified documents seriously.” Mr. President, can you define, seriously?
No, I didn’t think so.

This situation for Biden is like a snowball rolling down a hill. It gets more extensive and more significant by the minute. As much as the Administration tries to downplay the scope of the discovery of classified documents in possession of Joe Biden, the matter gets more severe with the dawn of each new day and more records. This matter is not going away from the President, and there is no guarantee that we have come to the trail’s end. The Congress returns to Washington this week, and if Karine thinks she has been under pressure, she has not seen anything yet.

Today’s discovery is significant because the DOJ searched Biden’s home. They are no longer taking a passive role while Biden’s lawyers search for documents. The investigative parties were content to receive the information the lawyers uncovered, but the explorers were unsupervised. There was no guarantee that all documents would be transferred, and these lawyers did not have clearance to see the documents they sought.

The question I have not heard is who placed the documents in the various locations. You would have to assume that Biden did this himself. He is pleading ignorance about the contents, but these papers date back to his Senate days. He should have been the only person to see these in a secure environment. Stacked next to his ’67 Vette is not secure. Hunter has access to the garage, so this area is available to many.

Biden used the term irresponsible when asked about Trump’s issues with classified materials. How would Biden refer to his forays? At least Trump has Secret Service protection and control of Mar-a-Lago. Joe had no such protection until he was elected President. That still leaves many years of vulnerability. With each drip and as another Sunday goes by, the Dems are starting to get malicious towards Joe, and the criticism on the Sunday talk shows is heated. I do not think it is a coincidence that Joe’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, who many believe is running the White House, announced his resignation this weekend. There will be more to this fiasco.

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