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Dietary Supplements That Have a Strengthening Effect

Dietary biosupplements are functional combined antiallergic drugs containing high-quality active substances of natural origin. Dietary supplements, in which the active substance is a plant component, are considered particularly effective since phytosterols and phytoestrogens can be used as an adjuvant in hormone replacement therapy in the case of a deficiency of steroid hormones (especially sex hormones) or in the case of disorders of the functioning of the gonads, manifested by irregular and insufficient production of androgens and estrogens. 

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Vitamins A, B, and E, polyunsaturated fatty acids, amino acids, glycoproteins, flavonoids, necessary microelements, such as Se, Zn, and Mg, essential oils, and extracts of medicinal plants are also included in dietary biosupplements of general strengthening effect and over the counter drugs for cholesterol. Red grape seeds and skin, as well as bitter gorse, are often used as plant components of tonic supplements.

Dietary biosupplements are strong antioxidants, capable of normalizing lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, reducing blood viscosity, protecting the epidermis from excessive ultraviolet radiation, and stabilizing blood cholesterol levels. Dietary tonic dietary supplements prevent the pathological division of body cells, prevent the occurrence of allergic and autoimmune reactions by regulating the production of histamine and leukotrienes, and restore the functioning of the pancreas.

They are also used to improve the functioning of the male and female reproductive systems, contribute to improving endurance to excessive physical and emotional stress, relieve fatigue and strengthen the body’s immune barrier.

What Are Dietary Tonic Supplements Used for?

Indications for the appointment of general strengthening biological supplements are: 

  • the frequent occurrence of viral infections; 
  • bronchial asthma; 
  • chronic gastritis; 
  • stomach and duodenal ulcers; 
  • cholecystitis; 
  • arthritis; 
  • arthrosis; 
  • cystitis; 
  • pyelonephritis; 
  • prostatitis.

Additives are used to increase immune protection, for sleep and concentration disorders, to prevent uterine fibroid, the occurrence of endometrioid cysts, hypertension, impotence, erectile dysfunction, the development of infertility, and to prevent relapses after surgical interventions.

In some cases, they can be prescribed as adjunctive therapy for disorders of the cardiovascular system and to prevent the occurrence of autoimmune diseases.

How to Choose the Best Dietary Biologically Active Supplement?

Dietary tonic dietary supplements are produced in the form of tablets, capsules, drops, solutions, syrups, essential oils, plant extracts, and medicinal teas. The mild effect of dietary biosupplements on the body allows you to take them in courses from 4 weeks to 3-4 months. However, dietary supplements are not used as an independent therapy, rather they supplement the therapeutic effect of more powerful drugs. To choose the most effective food supplement, you should consult a doctor.

Dietary biosupplements that improve the performance of organs and systems are a combination of active useful substances, the unique composition of which is designed specifically for dietary use, adjusting the daily diet. They are often used as a component of complex therapy aimed at improving the functions of internal organs and systems.

Peculiarities of the Action of Dietary Supplements That Affect the Organs and Systems

Food additives are used as a source of enzymes, hormone-like compounds, and vitamins in case of disorders of their secretion since the effect of bio-additives are similar to the effect of natural substances that are normally produced in our body.

They have tonic, anti-inflammatory, strengthening, regenerative and restorative properties, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve blood flow to the organs, which positively affects their functioning, stabilize the course of biochemical processes inside the cells of the body, act as catalysts in metabolic reactions, improve intestinal motility, contribute to accelerated removal of toxins from the body due to active antioxidant properties.

Dietary supplements can be used as blood purifiers, to prevent cancer, neuralgia, paralysis, and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, correct kidney, and liver function, eliminate edema and regulate lipid, protein, and water-salt metabolism.

As part of complex therapy, they are able to increase work capacity, eliminate sleep disorders, increase concentration, relieve chronic fatigue and feelings of irritation, and also influence the synthesis of hormones by endocrine glands.

Why Are Dietary Supplements Used?

Doctors prescribe dietary supplements to be used simultaneously with food for disorders of the cardiovascular system, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, respiratory tract and digestive tract, liver and kidney failure, to correct the biochemical composition of hormones and enzymes, improve the barrier function of the epidermis and increase immunity.

Biosupplements are used to prevent the occurrence of autoimmune diseases, pathological cell proliferation and division, infectious and viral diseases, visual impairment, exhaustion and excessive stress on the nervous system, osteoporosis, brittle nails, and hair.

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