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Biden’s Bad Immigration Plan is Working Just Fine


Joe Biden held a Cabinet Meeting on Thursday. After having to get directions to the Cabinet meeting room in the White House, he addressed his inept, diverse team and the media. The President had a lot to say, but not much was good for America. One surprising announcement was that he would go to the Southern Border on Sunday. This Biden trip to El Paso will be his first visit to the Border in the fifty-plus years that Joe has been in Washington. He has been President for two years, and neither Biden nor his Vice President-Border Czar Harris has found time or reason to visit the point of entry of nearly five million illegals on their watch. He blamed Republicans for the crisis on the Border for blocking resources. If you had listened carefully, the resources would have gone to processing and not preventing the assault of illegals every day.

Let’s be clear. The President and his Administration have no plans to secure the Southern Border. Their only objective is to allocate and spend our money on more efficient means to process these illegal immigrants and get them into our country. This plan is dangerous to our National Security. He is convoluting security and efficiency. That rhetoric serves him by assuaging his base, which doesn’t listen to the minutia and places blame on the Republicans. It is a two-for-one bonus for his followers. This act is beyond frustrating and goes directly to infuriating. The number one purpose of the President is to keep the citizens safe. Biden is failing miserably, and what is worse, he does not care.

Biden wants no impediment to the flow of illegal humanity crossing the Border into all four states that share a border with Mexico. An example of his disdain for anyone trying to bolster Border security is his battle with the State of Arizona. The Governor of Arizona was so frustrated by the Federal government ignoring the unfettered flow of illegals into Arizona that he built a makeshift wall using empty storage containers. The Governor did this because he knew the Wall works and the material already paid for with American tax dollars was rusting on a Texas desert. The Biden administration proceeded quickly to sue Arizona and, by court order, forced the state to remove the Wall.

It is infuriating that our government has developed a cellphone app that migrants can use to schedule an asylum meeting when they reach the Border. This app makes entry into our country as easy as ordering McDonald’s take-out. Maybe he can modify the app to facilitate these illegals registering to vote. After all, isn’t that his purpose? Millions of illegals flood into our country each year that he is in office, waiting for the President to pave their path to citizenship and padding the Democrat voting base.

All the time Biden pats himself on the back and degrades anyone on the Right, his prop, Kamala Harris, stands motionless at his side. He once again refers to the Vice President as President Harris. Biden does that purposely to send shivers up the spines of Republicans who quake at the thought. He paints the VP as a hero for curbing illegal migration. He cited that she could pull together $3.2 Billion from four Central American countries to create new jobs to keep people at home and away from our Border. First of all, the amount is laughable. It is a pittance and will do nothing to keep significant numbers of men and women from remaining and not fleeing for America. Secondly, if that is the fruit of her two-year effort on the Border Crisis, then shame on her for even standing on the stage. She is a failure.

If not treasonous, Biden is derelict in his duties for what he is doing to harm our National Security. These actions by Biden are all a charade, and our only hope is that people pay attention to his visit. Some news agencies are also making their first trip to the Border, and if the news is accurate, it will be the first taste of the crisis for their viewers. They will be given a sterilized version of the reality, but it may be just enough to get some folks angry. It may help to expose the actual efforts of this Administration, which is to harm this country further. At some point, the Democrats will have to answer for their actions. Hopefully, we can stay intact as a country until that day arrives.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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Ray Cardello

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