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Biden Admin Is Demanding Scientists ‘Promote Equity And Inclusion’ To Get Taxpayer-Funded Grants

The U.S. Department of Energy, the nation’s chief funder of the physical sciences, is requiring scientific grant applicants to demonstrate their commitment to social justice ideals.

The new policy, which began in October 2022, requires grant proposals that are submitted to the department’s Office of Science to include a “Promoting Inclusive and Equitable Research” (PIER) plan in addition to information regarding their scientific project, according to the office. Researchers who want to receive funding must explain how they are working to “promote fairness and inclusiveness” while carrying out their studies because doing so is “an intrinsic element to achieving scientific excellence.”

The quality of PIER plans will be one of the criteria used to evaluate grant applications and will be used to inform “funding decisions.”

The plan can outline methods undertaken by the research body to recruit researchers and students from “diverse backgrounds” or groups that are “historically underrepresented in the research community,” according to the Office of Science. Scientists may also present PIER plans that outline strategies to create an “inclusive” and “safe” research environment that “fosters a sense of belonging among all research personnel.”

“Plans may incorporate or build upon existing diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion efforts of the project key personnel or applicant institution(s), but should not be a re-statement of standard institutional policies or broad principles,” the office states. “The complexity and detail of a PIER is expected to increase with the size of the research team and the number of personnel to be supported.”

In early October, the department announced that proposals requesting funding for professional science conferences will require the host organization of the conference to establish a code of conduct or policy in place that “addresses discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other exclusionary practices.” Conference applicants will also be forced to submit a recruitment and accessibility plan for speakers and attendees that will include a discussion of the recruitment of individuals from groups that have been historically underrepresented in the research community.

The Energy Department and its Office of Science provide 40% of all federal funding for research in the physical sciences, according to the office’s website.

The Energy Department did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. Wow, that man cuts a swath of resentment through most crowds, and doesn’t seem to understand the error of his ways. He sees the rest of the world as mostly made up of “Maga”people on the right. He thinks he is loved by the Left, but I am beginning to believe he has misjudged these people pretty severely. I watched him at the border rececently and he doesn’t seem to have a lot of those folks on his side. He needs to get a life!

  2. Biden’s DEI policies are the supposed remedy for the lie of “white privilege”. The Democratic mantra of Diversity (Anti-white policies), Equity (Equal Outcomes/Socialism), and Inclusion (Trans rights) is just another Democrat language perversion that does the opposite of what it portends. It’s nothing less than the destruction of the idea of “Meritocracy”, a foundational principle of the American dream. In fact, even the term “Meritocracy” is now considered racist. It led to the Vice President and many members of Brandon’s cabinet and administration being selected on the basis of their skin color or gender or “professed” gender.

    Now our Vice President says we should distribute hurricane aid based on skin color. DEI has brought about illegal laws that call for firing whites first, for hiring whites last, and for idiocy like the “Menstrual Protection Act” in Oregon that mandates installing tampon dispensers in every boys restroom in every public school in the state. Seriously, go look it up. Now we are hiring commercial Pilots and admitting applicants to college and even Medical schools based, not on merit; but on race or sex or sexual “identity”. That should work out well. And, oh yeah, the woke military now can’t even meet 70% of its recruiting goals so they are lowering physical and even mental standards and painting “rainbow bullets” on Marine helmets in recruiting ads. And now our Military is about killing babies instead of killing the enemy and will pay female soldiers to go to other states to get late term abortions. We have biological males destroying women’s sports and we have a transgender fake “Admiral” as the “highest ranking official of the U.S. Public Health Service”. He/She? also thinks that it’s O.K. to mutilate and castrate children in the name of “gender equity”. And there’s the “non-binary” drag queen, who was in charge of our nation’s nuclear waste disposal, who just got arrested for stealing women’s underwear out of airport luggage. Another great “Diversity” hire.

    Unless every single one of these mentally diseased, communist Democrats is voted out of office, you will cede this country and your children’s future to a totalitarian, corrupt, lawless society that will become progressively poorer and more dystopian.

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