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A Celebration of Life


For fifty years, they have gathered and marched in Washington. For fifty years, they had stood firm when the country did not support them. For fifty years, they have stayed committed to their belief because there may be no higher belief than life itself. For fifty years, these folks have come to D.C. to celebrate life, the life of the unborn. On the fiftieth anniversary of their first march on Washington and for their unyielding tenacity to stay true to their belief, The March for Life is this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

I was watching the press briefing today when Karine Jean-Pierre outdid herself. I thought she had already shown the depth of her stupidity, but she went through the floor this afternoon. One of the reporters in the room asked for the White House’s comments on the March for Life that was happening just then. She responded. “The President believes in the first amendment and the right to peaceful demonstration, even if he does not believe in their purpose.’ Yes, Karine, the people who walk today are pro-life. They support the life of the unborn as a living being worthy of life outside its mother’s womb. They \support life and the sanctity of every life that touches this earth. It is a shame that our President, and his feckless mouthpiece, cannot celebrate life with those marchers.

I do not want to get too deeply into KJP’s callous statement, but should we have expected a different response? Not really. This administration abandoned Americans and Afghans, who had worked closely with our military behind in Afghanistan. These unfortunate souls were left at the mercy of the Taliban. This administration allows an unchecked amount of Fentanyl to cross into our country, killing 100,000 young Americans yearly. This administration supports the cartels that are making billions each year while raping and killing women, both young and old. It is no wonder this administration cannot celebrate life. It means nothing to them.

Today’s celebration was the first March for Life since the Pandemic and the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. The marchers today had much to celebrate because the mood and will of the people were changing. And life is becoming precious once again.

The marchers look like America. Young, old, white, black, man, woman, young men, and girls all gathered to march, support each other, and show the powers to be in Congress that, to many, life is precious and not to be snuffed out in a clinic.

The March is not just a protest… “TOGETHER, WE GATHER TO CELEBRATE LIFE. We celebrate each and every .life, from the moment of conception. We envision a world where every life is celebrated, valued, and protected.” That is directly from their website. Could there be any reason to march that is more pure and noble? The March comes a week after every Democrat voted against the Protection of Life Bill, which would protect the life of a survivor of an abortion. As I said, life is meaningless to Progressives.

Every January, they have gathered. In the sunshine, cold, snow, rain, or whatever Mother Nature can throw at them. They are undaunted because their cause is more significant than themselves. Their cause is about life and every beating heart. Regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic background, they march for you. These marchers will leave Washington tonight with broad smiles on their faces because today, they did God’s work. They marched for his creations. They marched for life.

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Ray Cardello

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