‘Not Mentioning Christ’: Fox Panel Erupts Over Biden Christmas Speech


A Fox News panel blasted President Joe Biden’s Christmas speech Friday for “not mentioning Christ,” while one panelist called Biden out for hypocrisy when discussing political polarization.

“Not saying the name of Jesus, when … John Adams actually said, this Constitution is made for a moral and religious people only,” Kara Frederick, a panelist on “Outnumbered” said. “So America has lost its sense of God, it’s Judeo-Christian values, and I think this is just a manifestation, this speech, not mentioning Christ, talking about how divided this nation has been for so long, it’s all part and parcel of the secularization of America, and we need to return to our faith. That’s the only way society is going to work going forward and it’s made us a city on a hill. We need to reclaim that. We need to reclaim our founding principles, period.”


Biden’s Thursday address decried the polarization in politics, months after he labeled Trump supporters a “threat to democracy” during a Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia. Biden also accused Republicans of embracing “semi-fascism” during remarks at an Aug. 25 fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee and attacked “MAGA Republicans” in an Aug. 30 speech in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

“I sincerely hope this … this holiday season will drain the poison that has infected our politics and set us against one another,” Biden said during his speech. “I hope this Christmas season marks a fresh start for our nation, because there is so much that unites us as Americans, so much more that unites us than divides us.”

“There was something missing. It was, ‘and I had been a part of this. I choose in this next year to work with Republicans coming in in the House, and I choose to work with the American people because I have actually had a part of this,’” former Republican Rep. Doug Collins of Georgia said on the show.

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