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Karine Has an Excuse, the Journalists Do Not

We do not get a chance to see Joe Biden questioned by the media folks who spend their days following our President and ensuring he is held accountable for his actions. Because of this void in the “transparent” administration, we must rely on the President’s surrogates, especially his Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, to explain the workings of the White House and to answer questions.

This is not a perfect system, but we must rely on it to see behind the curtain.

There are two blaring issues why this system of communication is inadequate. The first is that Karine Jean-Pierre is not the right person for the job. The truth is, KJP is in her position because she checked off three boxes on the Diversity Checklist. She is a Black Gay Woman. Besides her diversity, she is inadequately equipped to serve as an effective Press Secretary. The other is the spineless White House Press Corp., Except for FOX News journalists Peter Doocy and Jacqui Heinrich, none of them ever ask tough questions of Jean-Pierre or dare to ask a follow-up.

An example is what happened Monday during the White House Briefing. Joe Biden had a planned trip to Arizona Tuesday to celebrate a new chip manufacturing facility. KJP was asked if Biden would visit the Border while he was in a Border State. Rather than answer the question, she turned it around, saying, “what is more important is what the Republicans are going to do to solve the immigration system.” Nobody, not a soul, pressed her to answer the question posed to her. A terrible non-answer, but she got away with it.

As a second act, Biden was questioned Tuesday while boarding Marine One to leave for Arizona. A reporter shouted, “Mr. President, why are you going to a Border State and not to the Border?” The President responded that a more critical situation was happening with the new factory than the Border. That is a cheap political answer, but with no follow-up, Biden wins the exchange. The obvious next question is, you will only be 200 miles from the Border. Can’t you visit the factory and the Border? Can’t you walk and chew gum as you tell us? That question was not asked.

You will not see Biden or his Border Czar, Harris, anywhere near the Border. If either of these Executive Branch members ever goes to the Border, the press/media will need to go, too. The mainstream media has done an excellent job of keeping the Border off the Prime-Time news cycle. That omission is precisely what the White House needs.

The other example is KJP being asked about the dump of info about the Biden Money Cartel from Elon Musk and Twitter. Karine says the White House will not respond because this information is old news and no longer pertinent. Oh, really? What you are calling “old news” is a story you have denied to exist for over two years. It cannot be both. If you claimed it never existed, and now it is in your face, how is that old news? It is fresh and damaging to the President, which is why he will not respond. She also disparages Twitter by claiming that hate and anti-Semitic content is rising. There is just no evidence this is true. This White House is the best at gaslighting the American people.

Most people see Karine dismissed soon, but the Press Corp has to start doing its job. They are supposed to uncover the facts. To do so, you have to ask tough questions. Give it a try. You might find it rewarding.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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