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Justifying a $1.7 Trillion Omnibus


We can expect someone like Chris Pappas, who has a rubber spine and padded kneecaps, to vote online with his Progressive party, but the second sin is to remain unaccountable for what he did and tout his actions to the people of New Hampshire like he has our backs. What is worse, a Congressman voting to pass a $1,7 Trillion, 4,000-plus page piece of legislation that he obviously did not read, or that same Congressman sending an email bragging about how he served his constituents by doing so? I contend the latter is the more egregious. Mr. Pappas, there is virtually nothing in this bill that is good for New Hampshire.

Let’s look at how Chris Pappas gaslighted Granite Staters with his “accomplishments’ by signing this bill.

Today I helped pass a government funding package with key New Hampshire priorities that I secured including reducing energy costs, fighting fentanyl trafficking, supporting public safety, improving veteran care, and investing in our workforce.

How do you define New Hampshire priorities? We have always thrived for small government, balanced budgets, and not harming the economy with legislation. The Omnibus bill you pat yourself on the back for signing satisfies none of the NH priorities. What you did is sign a bill that will dump nearly two trillion dollars into our economy, fueling inflation and pushing us toward recession.

Securing Funding for Community-Driven Projects

I secured funding through our community-driven process for 15 common-sense, local projects that will support our first responders and law enforcement, strengthen our manufacturing and skilled workforce, invest in our infrastructure, and help New Hampshire families and children. I worked closely with community leaders across the First District to deliver this funding for local priorities, and I look forward to seeing the wide range of benefits from economic growth to improving public safety. 

There are infrastructure projects in this bill that are worthwhile, but why were they not addressed in the 2020 Infrastructure Bill? There are projects that define wasteful pork. Your paragraph is rhetoric because the truth is you wish to pave our roads with pork.

Community College System Of New Hampshire

This funding will be used to extend classrooms at the Susan Huard Advanced Technologies center to include an outdoor laboratory to better prepare graduates to meet the needs of a diversified workforce. $1,000,000

What does an outside laboratory at $1 Million dollars have to do with diversity?

Saint Anselm College     

This funding will be used to help create a state-of-the-art health care facility using cutting-edge technology to help create a path for students to build healthcare careers in New Hampshire. $2,200,000

Saint A’s is a private institution. Why are the taxpayers of America funding a facility on a private institution’s property?

Support For Veterans

Three of my bipartisan veterans’ bills were included in this package. The VA Beneficiary Debt Collection Improvement Act will improve VA’s debt collection process and protect veterans from undue financial strain. The VA Supply Chain Resiliency Act will strengthen VA supply chains and ensure our veterans receive the best possible medical care. The Improving VA Accountability to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Act will improve policies and oversight of how the VA addresses systemic issues of sexual harassment and discrimination. The inclusion of these bills helps fulfill our promise to ensure that our veterans receive the highest level of care and service.

In case you forgot, Chris. The purpose of our military is to protect the people and the sovereignty of our country. Did you give any consideration to increasing the pay level of our military? Maybe you can funnel some of the expense of illegal immigrants to keeping our active military above the poverty level and from future dependency on government support. You obviously are more concerned with equality and diversity than military readiness. Thank God you and your Progressive counterparts were not around in the forty’s, or we would be speaking German or Japanese.

Measures to Combat Drug Trafficking

Bipartisan legislation that I introduced alongside Congressman Newhouse extended emergency measures to address trafficking of fentanyl analogues through December 31, 2024 was also included in the package. This legislation will ensure that law enforcement retains the tools they need to seize fentanyl-related substances and combat drug trafficking. I’ll continue to work across the aisle and alongside law enforcement and public safety experts to keep our families and communities safe.

Instead of securing the barn door, you think seizure after the fact is the solution. Wrong again, as usual. You have never indicated concern for our open Border under Joe Biden. The Fentanyl crossing is killing 100,000 Americans a year. To put that number in context, it only took 166,000 votes to send you back to Congress. Always after-thinking. Is it too hard for Progressives to analyze a problem, think ahead, and formulate a solution? Or do feelings always have to get in the way of facts.

You are proud of your accomplishments, but half of New Hampshire is embarrassed by your foolish thinking and spending. Enjoy yourself this month as the Republicans will tighten the reigns next.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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