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This is How Biden Sees Fair Share


Joe Biden has been talking about the “fair share” for years, usually when he talks about the rich paying their Federal taxes. Nobody defines fair share because there is no number to define such an abstract variable. Is it 15%, 25%, or 40%? Who knows because Joe does not know himself? There is no answer, but Biden knows that bringing up the subject gets his side riled up because “fair” is one thing they love. Joe never mentions that 50% of the population pays no taxes, but they are the recipients of the bulk of the social benefits. Maybe while we are talking fairness, how about Joe Biden disclose all of the monies that were funneled to him through his Son, Hunter? The Biden Cartel received millions in the last decade, yet none has been reported as income. So that harkens to the question: What is your fair share, Joe?

Taxes are not the only situation where fairness should be considered. For the last year, Joe Biden has been pledging billions of dollars in weapons and aid to the Ukraine government battling for its life and sovereignty. Nobody will argue that Ukraine and her people do not deserve our support, but let’s look at how countries worldwide are stepping up to give their “fair share.” Biden has claimed that he has used his years of experience and influence to unite the world, especially the NATO members. The irrational actions of Vladimir Putin directly threaten them. Yet, as usual, the United States is carrying the world on its back.

With the $39 Billion that Biden requested last week, the United States has given Ukraine nearly $100 Billion in military equipment and monetary aid. The rest of the countries combine for less than $40 Billion. See the image below and look at how much the rest of the free world thinks of Ukraine and its struggle for existence. There is very little accounting for where are dollars have gone or are used for, which is a serious problem and will probably force the new Congress to halt future funding. This sets up a battle between the Biden Administration and the House. This is especially true after General Milley announced last week that the United States was in for the long haul, and there was no limit to what it will cost.

This comment by Milley was wrong and should not have come from someone in the Pentagon. He is talking about spending our money as if the amount is trivial and the supply unending. This discussion of finances went on while Biden was pledging our money to the Climate Culture crowd like a drunken sailor on leave. He is talking about $100 billion dollars for a cause that most of America do not believe is a crisis. A good portion of these funds would go to underdeveloped countries as reparations. Why do countries that have grown and bettered themselves owe countries that have been content living in the past? It isn’t very smart, and the new Congress in January will not let Biden make good on these pledges. Thank God for even a slim majority in the House.

While world leaders are throwing money at Ukraine and Climate Change, people will be freezing to death in the United States and Europe because the cost of fuel and food is forcing them to make a decision; food or fuel. This winter brings a real existential threat to these people while our politicians are too busy to deal with reality. It is past time to reel these faux leaders in. January 3rd is when we start.

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Ray Cardello

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