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These States Are Still Counting Ballots One Week After The Midterm Elections. Here’s Why

Arizona, California, Maine, Alaska and Colorado continue to count ballots one week past the Nov. 8 midterm elections as mail-in ballots continue to arrive at election centers.

The ballot counting process has been set back primarily due to states allowing mail-in ballots to be received after election day. California still has nine races to call across the state due to the mail-in voting system that allows ballots to be received by mail as late as Nov. 15, as long as they are postmarked by election day.

Similarly, Alaska allows ballots postmarked by election day to be received as late as Nov. 18, while overseas absentee ballots have until Nov. 23 to arrive. Colorado is also waiting for mail-in ballots with hundreds of military and overseas ballots not expected till Thursday, according to CBS News.

Pueblo County Clerk Gilbert Ortiz told CBS that as long as ballots are postmarked by Nov. 8, they can come in until next Thursday.

Colorado is working to address provisional ballots that have non-matching signatures, while also holding back ballots to mix into the military and provisional ballots for anonymity. Last week, Maricopa County, Arizona, reported 290,000 mail-in ballots that needed to be counted, but as of Monday, the numbers seemed to have reduced as all races have been called, according to the Associated Press.

“If you drop off an early ballot, it means it has to come in on Wednesday and start the process of being signature verified,” Maricopa County election official Bill Gates told CNN. “We have experts here who go through, compare the signature on the outside of the ballot envelope with the signature that we have in our voter registration file, so that takes a while, cause we gotta get that right.”

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One Comment

  1. Most people know that dozens of states altered their election systems in 2020, because of COVID, to allow massive absentee balloting, unsupervised “drop boxes” and ballot harvesting. In most cases this was done without the required constitutional approval of their state legislators. In fact, right after the 2020 election, the Democrats tried to pass the “For the People Act” to codify all these “emergency” changes and illegally Federalize election laws and take that power (again unconstitutionally) away from the states. In addition to the COVID changes, it included things like removing the requirement for voter I.D. and allowing felons to vote. It is one of the most disgusting bills ever put forward by the Democrats and every American should go read it online. But for one vote, it almost became the law of the land. But why, after COVID do states keep expanding their absentee and early voting. Now, unbelievably, 27 states allow “no excuse” absentee voting which means that anyone can request an absentee ballot for no reason other than they don’t want to go vote in person. It’s an abomination that’s ruining our election system. In Arizona, a half million voters walked in their absentee ballots on Election Day because they didn’t believe that their mail in votes would be counted and that’s what caused the nine day delay. Does anyone believe that Kari Lake’s opponent, who is the Secretary of State and is in charge of elections, ensured that those walked in votes were counted accurately?

    Worse, few people know that there are now eight states that have 100% mail in voting. These states (and all the states with no excuse mail in voting) use so-called “signature verification” where ordinary poll workers match signatures and have the power to set aside ballots if they say signatures on the mail-in envelope don’t match the signatures on the ballot inside. How many signatures have you seen that are illegible or do your own signatures always match? In Oregon, for example, Republican and former Navy Seal, Joe Kent has apparently lost because thousands of his votes (more than he lost by) have been set aside. This is a horrible system that essentially can have any vote discarded on the basis of an inexpert opinion and then the voter must be contacted and then must prove that his/her own vote is valid. Talk about “voter suppression”! Then, conversly, signatures that obviously don’t match can be accepted by dishonest poll workers as was just proved in Nevada. It’s no wonder that there is little confidence in our voting systems anymore. We were far better served with paper ballots and single day elections. Let’s have a national holiday and one day voting and absentee voting only for those with a valid reason that they can’t vote in person.

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