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#DumpTrump – at your own peril

An eclectic group of individuals are piling on President Trump, while flocking to the Best Governor in America, Ron DeSantis, like cats pursuing a shiny object, hoping he will run for president in 2024.

 “It’s time to dump this Trump guy and move on.  The MAGA midterms showing  was an abject failure. Trump is already attacking the one Governor that the GOP cannot afford to damage. Trump served his purpose strengthening a conservative Supreme Court, but he’s been a polarizing disaster in pretty much everything else.Time to dump Trump,” Joseph Castillo said in a LinkedIn post

Folks like Paul Ryan, Scott Lindsey, Graham, & the #ThreeBigMacs:  McDaniel, McCarthy & McConnell,  complain that a Red Wave did not materialize,  blame Trump for it – even though they pulled funds from America First candidates & sent them to Democrat candidates.

Remember Mitch McConnell conceded the Senate weeks before the election because of a lack of qualified candidates – yet Fetterman gets elected over Dr Oz?

CNN credits the Democrats’  “cynical strategy” – Except, it’s not cynicism
At the very least is misinformation and at worst it’s election interference – but this is consistent with  In a 2009 study Jonathan Haidt
Concluded that Liberals were willing to betray group loyalty, disrespect authority or do something disgusting, like #votetfraud, while

Arguably, Ron DeSantis is the best Governor in America, and various groups are prematurely jumping on the bandwagon, from RINOs to Democrats meddling in the 2024 election, or as CNN might characterize it as a “cynical strategy.”

But DeSantis is the new shiny object who does not have the experience nor resources to fight the Machine. Where the Machine’s eco-system inudes MSM. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Deep State, DNC et al.  

President Trump endured the Machine’s onslaught where the intelligence industrial complex, mainstream media, Big Tech and RINOS produced Washington Post’s abd New York Times Pulitzer Prizes for Fake News aka the  Russian Hoax.  There was the Ukraine Hoax and hundreds of lawsuits.

Let’s be clear, the Machine does not care about mean Tweets.  It continues to fight Trump even as a non elected official because it is scared to death about America First Policies.

Consider that Ron DeSantis is the GOP’s 2024 Presidential nominee.  What do you think the Machine’s reaction is going to be?  The attacks DeSantis has been subjected to as Governor are child’s play compared to the attacks he will experience as presidential a candidate.

Whether Governor DeSantis runs for president remains to be seen.  However. We know President Trump is running again.  In a recent appearance at Mar-a-Lago, he made it official:


Many people have been speculating for a long time, and today I can confirm it’s true: I am OFFICIALLY running to be the next President of the United States, and together we are going to make our Country great again!

When I was your President, we put America First and accomplished more than any other president, and under circumstances that no president had to deal with before. No matter what the Left-wing media and their friends, the Democrats, threw at us, we NEVER stopped working to Make America Great Again.

And,  we did Make America Great Again. Then Joe Biden ruined our country faster than anyone could ever imagine. That’s why I’m running AGAIN, we need to save our Country.

Democrats have all but destroyed everything we accomplished under my administration because they want to take away your dignity and your destiny.
I will NEVER let them do that, which is why I am proud to announce that I AM RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2024. I’m calling on my most fierce and loyal supporters, like YOU, to cement your name in history as one of the FIRST Official 2024 Presidential Founders.

In 2016, there were 18 GOP presidential hopefuls with the Establishment was nor successful against President Trump. With President Trump’s announcement & Governor DeSantis an iffy, it’s doubtful many more will have the courage to challenge the Outsiders

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