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Despite His Protestations To The Contrary, Joe Biden Is NOT A Capitalist

Biden likes to give lip service to capitalism. He loves the fruits of capitalism, like the wealth that flows from free trade and his beloved Corvette. But he is no Capitalist.

First, capitalism needs freedom and liberty to operate effectively. Capitalists must manufacture or grow the products that their customers want to buy or provide services consumers desire. But Biden’s administration is telling Capitalists that they can no longer make his favorite car, the Chevrolet Corvette, because Joey’s politics insist on shaming the gas-powered V8 engine and its high-performance abilities that Americans love and want, in favor of the electric vehicle. But to restate my point: without freedom to manufacture whatever a company wants to manufacture without the clenched fist of government getting involved, there can be no true Capitalism. But our Joey and his leftist, anti-Capitalist pals want to edict ESG goals for corporations, instead of letting them concentrate on making a good, safe, popular product that people want to buy, so the entire woke administration in the current White House are strident, anti Capitalists and proud of it.

Second, Capitalism needs profit, and all leftists, like Joey, want to tax and regulate the pants off of every product made, which reduces the profit the manufacturer needs to pay his employees and stay in business. But when government drives the manufacturers to defer the manufacturing part of the cycle to foreign nations, because those companies are over-regulated at home, Democrats appear to prefer that products be made by foreign sources who, like China, may be a threat to American welfare.

Third, Capitalists have to decide, based on human needs and market economics, what products to make and how to make them. Joey’s Green New Deal is forcing General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and all other auto manufacturers, to make electric cars, even though most Americans are perfectly happy with their piston engine cars. And even though gasoline (if Joey would allow its discovery, extraction and refinement) is perfectly safe, plentiful and economical. And it’s a fact that our current power grid is not robust enough to be able to handle the charging of tens of thousands of electric vehicles. Nevertheless, Joey has promised to destroy the oil and gas industry and force everyone into electric cars, even though there may not be enough wind and solar power to allow owners to be able to charge their vehicles so they can drive them. And the reason Democrats are creating this very un-capitalistic energy situation is based on the lie of warming/change, which is not actually occurring and doesn’t present a death threat to citizens of the world, except in the minds of Communists, like Karl Marx, Joey Biden, AOC and Bernie Sanders.

Leftist governments insist on complete obedience to their mandates and edicts, or else. So if automobile manufacturers drag their feet and try to ignore Biden’s Green EV orders to rebuild their assembly lines so that all they make are electric vehicles, our president will bankrupt them with constant government harassment from the labor department, the IRS, OSHA, the ADA, repeat environmental inspections and shutdowns, investigations of auto executives and their salaries and benefits, payroll problems and the safety of their products, until the reluctant manufacturers either get in line with big government policies or go out of business. So considering the dictatorial powers that Biden will use to get his way, auto manufacturers are quickly gearing up to make electric vehicles, even though their customers are largely not interested in them.

Capitalism also depends on a source of labor where people want to work, but Joey has also tampered with the labor force in America by giving people money to NOT work, and by allowing millions of illegal aliens to cross our borders every year to compete for the jobs that Americans formerly held. So industry suffers, and our nation is less free and prosperous.

Joe Biden is a corrupt, big-government hack, but he is no Capitalist, although he and his family have benefited from Capitalism all their lives and have become quite wealthy, both by living in a formerly free Capitalist nation, and from being very corrupt influence peddlers to foreign rulers.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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