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Black Friday Was Busy, But Not Why the Media Thinks

News stories shout that Black Friday has “lured shoppers back” and that things might not be so bleak as shoppers race to grab retail savings, but that’s not really what’s happening. Anyone buying gifts for the Christmas season knows it.

Shoppers aren’t front-ending their spending on holiday gifts out of irrational exuberance or some realization of an economic utopia. They are rushing out (mainly online) to get the best deals because presents will cost them anywhere between 7.7% and 12% more this year while their incomes did not rise to meet that. They are searching for deals because they don’t have enough money to buy what they could have just two years ago.

That’s right – the 2022 holiday shopping story is Bidenflation – and it sucks. The president’s labor union cronyism, failed energy policies, and excessive spending have made it nearly impossible for families to have the Christmas, Hanukkah, or much of any holiday season like what they were used to.

Costs Rising Faster than Wages

Families can only buy what they can afford. If the costs of gifts rise 8% and their pay only rises 3 or 4%, they can’t buy as much. Also, grocery, utility and gasoline prices have become ridiculous under Biden’s leadership so families just don’t have extra money to spend during the holidays.

Winter is coming and heating oil, propane and electricity will be much more expensive thanks to Biden’s green BS energy policy. That leaves less money for groceries or prescriptions and much less for presents.

How Does the Union BS Affect Christmas Gifts

The cost part of the equation is easy. Get the best deals so you can afford presents for everyone – or most everyone. But for those that have been paying close attention, there is also Biden’s failed rail union deal that is about to set fire to the Christmas buying season. Unions, heavily favored by the president, are set to strike next week which could make it impossible to move goods across the country.

The union wants more money to move the goods you want. More money for their members means more money for the union bosses that funnel funds to the Democrats – almost exclusively.

Whether Biden brokers a last-minute (orchestrated) deal to ‘save Christmas’ or not is irrelevant – the Union is holding your family hostage and the president is in league with them.

If retailers perceive a shortage, they try to buy excess goods and move them through alternative (albeit less economical) channels. That raises prices on high-demand gifts and costs you more.

Also, if the unions legally blackmail the railroads into pay and benefits the economy cannot afford, transport will become more expensive – not just for gifts, but for food, clothing… everything.

Unions have lost their way. They are no longer the protectors of workers. Now they are just organized thugs blackmailing consumers for the benefit of their bosses and their political allies.

Biden Made the Holidays Harder

Most Americans will figure out how to make the holidays merry despite Biden’s terrible economic and energy policies. But, it will require sacrifice. Sacrifice to a terrible leader who vacations in Nantucket while Americans suffer.

Vote Better.

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