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AG Garland is Nothing More Than A Pawn


If there is one thing we need to thank Mitch McConnell for is that he never allowed Merrick Garland a chance to become a member of the Supreme Court. Barack Obama had nominated Garland in 2016, his last year in office, and under intense pressure, McConnell never allowed the Senate to begin hearings to approve Garland to the Court. Garland has shown that he can be manipulated and would have been a progressive pawn on the Supreme Court.

I was most aggravated by Garland’s actions last week, but my angst with him goes back much further. Garland has done more harm to his office and the country but his failure to act than the ways he has. One of Garland’s most egregious acts was his part in the teacher’s union’s involvement during the Pandemic. Garland allowed his office to get involved in the union’s insistence that schools remain closed even after the CDC had said it was safe to reopen. This came on the heels of Garland weaponizing the Justice Department and the FBI against parents who protested too robustly at school board meetings. His actions were in response to parents being outraged that they were blocked from involvement in the children’s education process. These parents were irate that CRT was taught in public schools, that children were being exposed to sexual topics in elementary grades, and that children were being counseled on transgender issues without parental consent. Garland refused to resign when called to during Congressional hearings.

Some of the worst situations, where Garland has refused to involve his Justice Department is investigating the FBI’s involvement in the Russian Dosier, Hunter Biden and possible participation of Joe Biden in money laundering and tax evasion, and the protests and assassination attempt of Supreme Court Justices after the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

Garland was quick to act to have the FBI invade Donald Trump’s home at Mar-a-Lago. As soon as Trump announced he would run to regain the Presidency, Garland announced the appointment of two Special Counsels to investigate the former President for his part in the January 6 attack on the Capitol and the possession of top secret documents from his Presidency. These actions were done to embarrass Trump and to stymie any possible run for President.

Garland has proven to be an inconsistent and inept Attorney General and leader of the Justice Department. He is weak and can be manipulated at will. He has shown that the President can use his office, the Justice Department, and the Intelligence Agencies to target the American people and political foes.

One of the many promises Joe Biden made upon taking office was that he would not interfere in the function of the Attorney or Justice Department. That promise was hollow and false. He has used or blocked them in far too many instances to list. This manipulation of the Justice Department, FBI, and CIA has placed a shade of doubt on the honesty and integrity of them and the President. With the Republicans taking back the House, we may get some answers, and hopefully, many will be held accountable. Only if we can put a face to the questions and issues we know have been mishandled can we start building confidence in these essential facets of our government.

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Ray Cardello

I love this country and what it has contributed to the world. We are a young and still forming country but I have very conservative views that make me fearful for the direction many want to see us heading. I believe we are strong enough to keep us on track but making folks aware of the truth is essential to a successful and prosperous future for us all.

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  1. …”a shade of doubt on the honesty and integrity of them and the President”You must be kidding or you’re a moron

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