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Sunday Spotlight: The Man is Loved and Hated


We love capitalism in America. It is success that most people have a problem with. It is not achieving one’s level of success but developing jealousy and hatred for those who achieved theirs. When someone reaches for the heights and gets there, rather than analyze how it was done to learn from the example, we turn on the person and try to bring them back down. Elon Musk is the wealthiest man on earth, and his story is why he is this week’s Sunday Spotlight.

Elon Musk has experienced far more in his fifty-one years than could ever be documented in a short post. Born in South Africa, raised in Canada, and built his fortune in the United States, his life is as complex as his ventures varied. From online banking (PayPal), space travel (SpaceX), electric cars and power (Tesla), tunnel transportation (Boring), and satellite internet (Starlink), his wealth has skyrocketed to an estimated $240 Billion. This wealth has made him the target of many, especially those who find capitalism evil.

Interestingly, those who criticize Musk the most benefit the most from his genius. They love the electric vehicle technology developed by Tesla that will aid in their quest for a carbon-free world but are disgusted with the revenue it has brought to Musk. They lauded him for altering the orbit of his Starlink satellites to allow Ukraine to stay connected to the world via the Internet. Still, they complained foolishly that his satellites block the sun and are a menace to other space travel.

Musk resided and built his empire in California, and Tesla and SpaceX still have a presence on the coast. He has taken most of the operations and his residence to the free state of Texas. The business environment and the restrictions levied on his operations by California during the Pandemic forced Musk to make his move. It shined a bright light on the mass exodus from California to states like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee that are more conducive to business and less restrictive on individual rights.

Musk’s latest venture has put him in the crosshairs of both supporters and detractors. His buyout of Twitter has put the bias of Social Media out in the open. His negotiations with Twitter have exposed the political bias of Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and the algorithms and misrepresentations they use to manipulate information and company values. His promise to bring free speech back to Twitter has struck fear in both the social media and mainstream media worlds. He is also now a target of the Biden administration that is weaponizing the Justice Department to investigate Musk and his purchase of Twitter. Many say that Biden is in the White House because of the censorship practices of Social Media, and they do not want any such information to be uncovered. The deal to purchase Twitter should be consummated this week.

Elon Musk is still a young man. He is brilliant and surrounds himself with people of the same ilk. His business are cutting-edge and challenge the imagination. His philanthropy is second to none, and his companies are built for the betterment of humanity and the world.

Brilliance should never be harnessed, especially when used for good. Elon Musk is a man to be celebrated, not destroyed. If we can put aside our jealousy and embrace Musk for what he has done and what lies ahead, we may find answers to questions that plague both sides of the aisle. I, for one, look forward to many years of innovation and great ideas from this young man.

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