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Joe Biden has single-handedly taken the world from peace to the possibility of nuclear armageddon. He said so in a speech. But, his handlers are saying that he just made the whole thing up.

Who is running the White House?

Commentary by Editor-in-Chief R. Mitchell. Editorial cartoon by Tom Stiglich (@TStig822).

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Tom Stiglich

Starting at a young age Tom Stiglich fell in love with cartooning. This lifelong endeavor has landed Stiglich in the most prominent papers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, TIME Magazine and more.

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One Comment

  1. As far back as last April there could have been a negotiated peace if Ukraine had agreed to never join NATO (always a “red line” for Putin) and Putin would have withdrawn except from Crimea; which he occupied under Obama and nobody cared. Ukraine has always been a corrupt country and has never been in our national security interest. Remember that Ukraine is the corrupt country that accepted a billion dollar bribe from then VP Biden to fire the prosecutor that was looking into Hunter Biden’s money laundering scheme. But the far bigger story is the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines as this Administration continues to push us toward WWIII. What little coverage that has been on the mainstream media suggests, of course, that it’s Putin’s sabotage. A theory espoused by the usual liars like John Brennan and CNN and CNBC. All the same actors that lied about a fake “dossier” to launch a Special Prosecutor investigation. And the same liars that shouted “Russian collusion” to launch two failed impeachment attempts. And the same liars that called the Hunter Biden laptop story “Russian disinformation” so that they could throw a Presidential election. This idea is nonsense and totally illogical as it is Putin’s continuing gas and oil revenue from Europe that is funding his war effort and his main source of revenue and his biggest negotiating tool.

    But Biden doesn’t want peace and he has suggested previously that he would somehow end the Nord Stream II pipeline, even though he supported it before the Ukraine war started. Clearly Biden (and some Republicans like Lindsey Graham) only care about ousting Putin, and not about the hundreds of thousands dying in Ukraine and the millions of new penniless refugees. And never mind if they start WWIII or Europe and the U.S. collapse along the way because of ever increasing gas prices and inflation, He is playing a dangerous game and we should be very scared of what the consequences of his uncalculated and reckless policies will be.

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