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Federal Court Blocks Biden’s Taxpayer-Funded Student Loan Bailout

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals blocked Biden’s taxpayer-funded bailout for those who took on loans they probably should not have.

The stay, issued Friday, blocks the administration from pushing student loan debt onto taxpayers.

“Appellants’ emergency motion for an administrative stay prohibiting the appellees from discharging any student loan debt under the Cancellation program until this Court rules on the appellants’ motion for an injunction pending appeal is granted,” the court order read.

The stay is temporary and in place only while the 8th circuit considers the merits of the case brought by a coalition of states seeking relief from Biden’s heavy-handed abuse of power. The temporary stay could result in the imposition of a preliminary injunction as the states are requesting.

Biden used executive action to create the bailout which, against the Constitution, takes the power of the purse away from Congress – and the people it represents.

The bailout program is expensive. The average burden on every taxpayer in the country is estimated to be about $2,100 – whether they owe college debt or not or even if they have already paid back debt for themselves or family members.

The court’s temporary stay prevents the administration from bailing any debtors out for now and it’s fate will likely require a Supreme Court decision.

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  1. Colleges have continually lowered their standards (while continually increasing costs) to pump out ultra liberal college graduates with no marketable degrees in majors like “Gender Studies” or “Community Organizing”. The colleges don’t care because the government now owns the student loan business so the colleges always get paid and the government gets all the interest on the loans. That’s why colleges have been increasing their tuition at an enormous rate (way above the inflation rate) for years. The indoctrinated students are angry because they can’t get jobs (except at Starbucks) but will always vote Democratic because they are promised “loan forgiveness” and now Joe Brandon has passed another illegal “executive order” to make that happen. Of course, there is really no such thing as “loan forgiveness”; it’s just another 400 billion dollar money printing exercise (like the just passed 740 billion “Inflation Reduction Act”) that will dramatically increase inflation and increase taxes on the middle class. Moreover, it’s an immoral and criminal affront to steal money from every American; especially those who paid their loans or the majority of Americans who never went to college.

    Meanwhile, the real high paying six figure jobs (Plumber, Welder, Electrician) face massive shortages across the country because all those kids were getting their useless degrees instead of preparing for “real life” work. The government needs to stop all financial support of universities and remove their tax exempt status (let them stand or fall on their own), and get out of the student loan business. All the major Universities have tens of billions in endowments and the taxpayers are going to pay for this illegal giveaway? Then the Department of Education needs to be dismantled. At this point they are just another bloated government waste of taxpayer dollars with thousands of employees and a 68 Billion dollar budget.

    Of course that will never happen as this government continues its mission to destroy the American middle class and rule us by a cabal of elite Democrats and their compliant “woke” big business partners. They’ve already weaponized all the government three letter agencies and the mainstream and social media against the political opposition. They promise to let the big businesses who support them keep their tax breaks and monopolies and through our completely open border, they will get all the cheap foreign labor they want. The middle class will continue to be crushed and bankrupted by massive inflation and ever increasing gas prices. So the coup is almost complete. When they are finished there will just be two classes of people; the rich Democratic overlords in collusion with their subservient big business oligarchs and the poor masses that will won nothing. Just like any other Socialist/Communist state in the history of the world.

  2. More lies from the idiot in the Whitehouse…. He had already cancel most loan payments no explanation given heard it last week??? BY the way anyone notice we Never got the federal forgiveness tax emption on Gasoline that was to end in September???? No explanation on that either he said he would see it happen and never did then told states to hurry up and give forgiveness on state also. Which Houkle yokel said we in NYS would see about 22 cents per gallon????????again another Demo-rat lie!

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