Elon Musk Returns America to Its Constitutional Principles

Now that Elon Musk has re-established freedom of speech in America, let’s see how long he is left unblemished by the Biden administration, which formerly worshipped the industry and work ethic of Mr. Musk’s various undertakings.

Watch closely as personal and corporate tax attorneys pour over Mr. Musk’s background. Watch as representatives of OSHA delve into safety conditions at Twitter, now that Musk is the owner, and very probably the federal government will propose the unionization of Twitter and other Musk businesses, which have been beyond reproach to this point in the opinion of the Biden administration.

And watch as the government inspects how the Chinese-inspired ESG objectives our leftist government has imposed on American corporations, are being handled by Musk at each of his businesses. And Let’s see how long it takes for Musk’s current ESG ratings to take a hit, now that Twitter is out of the hands of satisfactorily far-left stooges.

And one would not be surprised at how quickly the dirty, unsafe, environmental aspects of building and maintaining electric vehicles are made public and used to prove how bad a person Elon Musk, the former hero of environmental politics, is.

Elon Musk has committed the inexcusable act of exposing the lies and unconstitutional actions of the Biden family and administration, and the leftist power structure in Washington will have to make him pay dearly.

It’s almost funny, but certainly instructive, how a former leader in the Biden Green New Deal has suddenly become the most hated man in Democrat America, and all because he believes in the American constitution and the Bill of Rights, and insists that his new purchase will abide by our nation’s founding principles.

May Mr. Musk be blessed real good, as Billy Graham used to say, in his journey to assure freedom of speech in America. The old saw of “no good deed goes unpunished” is especially true with the crooked and corrupt Biden administration and its intention to destroy America, and with the bump in the road that Musk is presenting to this evil, woke undertaking, the new owner of Twitter must be punished.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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