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NH Republicans Should Look to the Royal Family


The New Hampshire Primary is almost behind us. Though Chuck Morse has conceded to General Don Bolduc, the race is too close to call with 90% of the votes counted. Only 1,300 votes separate the two candidates. This Republican Senate race was not supposed to be this close. According to the final polls, Bolduc had a comfortable advantage. But then the games began. Republican money came into the race for Morse, and Democrat money was placed on Bolduc. You read that right. The Democrat Party spent nearly $5 Million to push Bolduc across the line as they see him as the easier candidate for Maggie Hassan to beat in the midterms. Be careful what you ask for, as you may have backed a pit bull that will eat Hassan for a snack.

Hassan is considered one of the more vulnerable incumbents, and everyone seems to feel the Republicans have a good chance of turning this seat red. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Hassan’s media ads. She has been on the tube since last fall and has spent a ton of dollars on advertisements that embellish her performance and, as of last night, are spreading mistruths about her presumed opponent, Don Bolduc. Her ad claims that a vote for Bolduc is a vote for a nationwide abortion ban. This claim is easily debunked, as Bolduc has been open about his view that abortion should be a state’s decision. Maggie Hassan, like most Democrats, will not let the truth get in the way of her message. This tactic will burn her in the end.

On the House side, Karoline Leavitt easily beat Matt Mowers, the Republican candidate who ran unsuccessfully against incumbent Chris Pappas in 2020. Pappas, like Hassan, is considered vulnerable in 2022 and will have a tough time matching the energy and poise of Leavitt. Should Leavitt be successful, she would become the youngest member of the House in our history.

As with Morse, Republican money flowed into the race to support Mowers. The waste of Red Cash shows that the people of New Hampshire are not in tune with DC Republicans. We are a very independent lot and have chosen two newcomers to politics to go up against two incumbents who may be ripe for the picking.

With only about seven weeks until the November election, it is time for Republicans to get on the same page in the Granite State. The people have chosen their candidates, and the motivation of the Party money must be cast aside. The Republicans can look to the Royal Family, which is putting aside their differences to honor the matriarch of their family, Queen Elizabeth II. The Democrats have the cash, but the Republicans have the message. New Hampshire has been Blue for about forty years, and this may be the best chance to flip the State Red. We cannot let this opportunity slip through our hands.

The next few days are critical. There is no time to waste. Governor Sununu has to throw his support to Bolduc and Leavitt, as do all of the Republican candidates who came up short on Tuesday. Anything less than 100% support will be welcomed by the Dems and is their only chance at success.

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Ray Cardello

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