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Gas is Down to $3.60 and Democrats Want Credit


From the White House down to every Democrat Congressperson, they are all taking credit for the drop in gas prices, and it is a crock and extremely disingenuous. The only reason gas prices are down to $3.60 is that they are the party that drove gas prices up to $5.00. You don’t get accolades for reversing a wrong decision that has cost every American thousands of dollars to drive their vehicles in the last two years. By the way, at the current level, gas prices are still 60% higher than they were in 2020. You have a long way to go, Dems, but you will never make Americans whole after this energy crisis.

It is almost comical watching Congressman Chris Pappas and Senator Maggie Hassan, both in trouble in their re-election bids in New Hampshire, go to the airwaves and brag about their efforts to reduce gas prices. What exactly have they done? Have they introduced bills to re-open the Keystone, open up federal land for drilling, or ease restrictions on fracking? Of course not. They have done nothing, but their unknowing followers will eat up every false word.

The prices have dropped because usage is down, and some major petroleum companies have increased production. They have come down because our President took the extreme position to drain our Strategic Reserve to dangerous levels to increase supply. He also found some oil to sell to China. Imagine why he did that. Can you say money from Hunter?

We are far from putting the bad Biden fossil fuel decisions behind us. We are already being warned that home heating fuels and electricity will cost more than 30% more than last year. Add this burden to the increase in food costs, which all point to a bleak winter. Worldwide the impact is even more significant. Since we are no longer exporting fuel to Europe, they are forced to buy elsewhere, and in most cases, that elsewhere is Russia.

Russia is squeezing Europe for higher prices and not supplying enough to meet demand. Europeans are bracing for the worse, and people will be freezing to death from a lack of home heating fuel. These deaths are on Joe Biden, but as we have seen with Fentanyl deaths, Biden is oblivious. He does not care.

One thing that needs to be discussed is that gas prices are dropping, but diesel fuel is not. Virtually every product we purchase is transported to the market with a diesel-powered vehicle. As long as diesel stays high or increases, food inflation will continue to plague us.

We may never reverse the damage Biden has caused with his war on the fossil fuel industry. Biden has forced the major petroleum producers to rethink their investment in drilling and fracking sites, and there has not been a new refinery built in America in decades. These companies will need to see a unified commitment to a broad-based energy plan to include fossil, wind, solar, and even nuclear before they get back in the game. At this point, Joe Biden is not the man to convince them of anything. The damage has already been done, and the wounds are deep.

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Ray Cardello

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