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So now we have the govt (who promised to unite the country) & media calling millions of Americans fascists. So just what does a Fascist Do? Well, they collude with the media to control the flow of info to its citizens, they collude with businesses to control the activities of its citizens through issuing mandates, etc., plus they collude with law enforcement to the point parents are labeled as domestic terrorists. 

Once again, the major fault of the radical left is when they tell you what others are or what they are doing, that is exactly what they are doing & what they are, they constantly reflect their intentions, so easy to read. So, all these Republicans are subverting Democracy, after all, they are Fascist.

So, let’s consider those who claim to support Democracy, first correction, we live in a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy. Can you tell me exactly what they have done to support America, is it in the bills they pass or the executive orders they sign? Just exactly where are trillions of taxpayer dollars going, to fix or support what, exactly? I would say to Democrat donors & supporters. Now they are talking about a crime bill, you can bet little will go to reducing crime & the majority of $ will go to Democrat supporters.

Is the govt sending $ to resolve the homeless issue where there are people living on the streets in many Democratic states? What about the educational system where many of our youth are failing math & many are unable to read, did they send $ to correct that? Did they send $ to the border to address the drug problem causing the death of 300 American youth every day? I believe people would like to know where all those trillions went.

Now we have this govt in national addresses telling people that those who believe in Making America Great Again are radical right-wing fascists trying to take over the govt, see they are reflecting again, they always do. There is some truth to those statements although it’s not fascists attempting to take over govt, it’s American Patriots attempting to stop the bleeding of America by taking control of govt. Another mistake they made is in assuming this is all about MAGA people, they fail to realize how many people from other parties also feel the same way. The frightening reality they face is, that this is just a wave of American Patriots united in preserving this Constitutional Republic they live in by the only means available to them which happens to be the Republican Party. Maybe one day they will realize American Patriots took over the Republican Party & used it to save America.

In case you wondered why the First Amendment is the 1st on the list. It allows us to express what we want, as in this story, & allows others to think about it & to form opinions on which they may decide to vote, another of those rights for which ALL are protected by the First. I firmly believe only a massive vote in Nov will save America. I also believe we are up against evil. 

This is how MAGA people think. https://www.facebook.com/Daddyboats/posts/pfbid0qefETnQR3yWUd5AKwp57UmtJP7JHMV1k36KeB6PAp6T9H3brgJUEZN9Z14CzVbv4l

This song sums up a lot:  https://AaronLewis.lnk.to/AmITheOnlyOneFP

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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