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Abbott and DeSantis Play Chess While Biden Stumbles With Chinese Checkers


Governor Abbott of Texas and Governor DeSantis of Florida have simultaneously pulled off a quick Checkmate on Biden and the hypocritical Republicans. It was a beautiful move and caught the Dems completely off-guard. Their action has done what nobody could do to this point, which gets the media to cover the Border Crisis.

To this point, Texas and Florida sent illegal aliens who consented to the move to Washington D.C., New York City, and Chicago. The mayors of these three self-proclaimed sanctuary cities are apoplectic that DeSantis and Abbott had the audacity to transport aliens from their states, making these cities and states Border States. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot called the action unchristian to move these people without notifying the officials of Chicago. At the same time, she reloaded these folks onto buses and transported them to the Chicago suburbs without notifying the destination officials. Obviously, she has no problem acting in an unchristian manner.

This week, the Governors stepped up their game and finally got the attention of President Biden, Vice President Harris, and surprisingly, the mainstream media. DeSantis sent two planes loaded with illegal aliens to the posh island retreat of Martha’s Vineyard. Abbott sent his planes to the Naval Observatory in Washington, the official home of Vice President Kamala Harris. These initiatives have prompted everyone from Biden to California Gavin Newsom to explore legal action against the Florida and Texas Governors. Newsom is accusing the two Governors of kidnapping, but the individuals asked as they deboard planes in both locations say they consented to the relocation.

The reaction by President Biden is the height of hypocrisy as he has been transporting illegals from all of the Border states to undisclosed locations via flights in the dark of night. There was no indication that the people transported by Biden consented to their trips. The Governor of Massachusetts today called up the National Guard to Martha’s Vineyard to control the illegals. As many as 125 Guardsmen were called up to contain 50 aliens. The four million aliens who have invaded the Border States are an immense problem and a drain of resources for all five states, including Florida. The fifty people sent to the Vineyard is equivalent to a high school field trip.

Talking heads on the network “news” shows are keying on the inhumane and unchristian handling of illegals. Many Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, claim that the aliens are used as political pawns. Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough are the loudest critics, but none of these will attack the real problem: the insecure Border.

Karine Jean Pierre, the totally inept White House Press Secretary, doubled down yesterday, reinforcing the false claim from Biden, Harris, and Secretary Mayorkas that the Border is secure and that this crisis is the fault of the Trump administration. It is a bogus line that few people are buying.

Biden can point his finger, yell, whisper, or however he wants to express his perception of the situation. He is attempting to divert attention to the actions of these two Governors rather than take responsibility for his own actions that have created this Border Crisis. That is the problem with this feckless, feeble President. He creates terrible policies that are detrimental to America, and when the results implode, he will not take the blame. Maybe this week, Biden will hold a Fiesta on the south lawn to celebrate his failed Border policy.

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