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‘Systematically Oppressed’: National Gay Straight Alliance Network Teaches That Capitalism Is Anti-LGBTQ

The National Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Network teaches that capitalism creates systemic power and leads to oppression of the LGBTQ community, according to public documents.

GSA Network, a student-led LGBTQ group for K-12 education and college, is promoting anti-capitalism and the elimination of systems of oppression that begin with white and straight people, according to the documents. The group teaches how “capitalism erases,” and will eventually lead to erasing “all of the queer and trans community.” 

GSA states that in society people with “systemic power” or “privilege” are citizens, or non-native people who are straight, white and male, the documents show. The group believes that patriarchy, white supremacy and “imperialism settler colonialism” are the systems which the people with power work to oppress those in the LGBTQ and black communities.

The network encourages those involved in lessons to ask “tough questions” including “what ways might we be systematically oppressed?” and “do some of these systems exist in our GSA?” according to the documents.

A GSA Network Board of Directors Meeting began with attendees reflecting and answering the question, “what will you miss the most after capitalism falls?” the documents read. The group goes on to discuss their plans for racial justice to help the LGBTQ who are “incarcerated and detained.”

Other resources promoted by GSA network include an article titled “How To Change an Education System Built on Racism and Capitalism” and a workshop titled “Money Can’t Buy You Queer: Queerness vs. Capitalism” put on by the Autonomous University of Political Education, public documents showed.

GSA Network says the LGBTQ and black community are oppressed by these systems and people when they are misgendered or expelled at a higher rate than the non-oppressed, the documents show. The group encourages students and educators to partner with the “trans community” and “be proactive” about lifting up those in the black community through partnering with a “Black led club.”

GSA Network did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. It’s not good enough that they have the right to go to hell, now they want to take as many young people with them. Disgusting! Nothing has changed with them since Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed those cities and all the others in their vicinity because of their wickedness but one for Lot and his daughters to go to but it was too wicked also. God will do it again. They are haters of God and inventors of evil Romans chapter one says!

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