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So Predictable. Next Target is Religion


The Left is reading directly from the Marxist playbook on how to break down a Democracy as you transform your country into a Socialist or Communist government and society. The Left has proven to be very patient and methodical as they began phase one over a hundred years ago. They started indoctrinating our children in 1915, beginning with colleges and universities. In just four generations, that indoctrination has progressed down to Kindergarten and Preschool, and the capturing of the youth is complete. 

They have taken prayer out of schools and have challenged the Pledge of Allegiance. Some consider our National Anthem a trigger, and monuments and statues have been toppled or removed to erase our historical roots. We have renamed schools to erase the names of our founding fathers because they remind us of how slavery was the foundation of our nation.

The education world has worked very hard to sever the connection of children to their parents to be replaced with the community as the sole need in a child’s life. They have even removed the terms mother and father from records and replaced them with birthing and non-birthing parents. They are working on eliminating gender identity and creating an asexual society. Soon, girls will be stripped of makeup, hairstyles will be uniform, and all children will be in brown jumpsuits. Maybe this is the state of equity that the Left strives for.

Patriotism is taught as evil, and masculinity is toxic, but chivalry is considered condescending. Success is not a goal; meritocracy is dead because it is racist. With the successes the Left has enjoyed, they feel ready for the next step, and that is the eradication of religion.

Keller Independent School District is pulling the Bible after three parents complained about sexual content! The Bible has sold over four billion copies in the last fifty years, making it far and away the most read book in history. The district says the removal is not permanent but only until the investigation of the complaints is complete. In the meantime, they have acknowledged the danger of the Bible by acquiescing to a mere three complaints. This action comes on the heels of an even more bizarre revelation by the Left last week.

From the National Catholic Register:

An article published Sunday in The Atlantic magazine suggests the Rosary has become a symbol of violent, right-wing extremism in the United States.

The article set off a frenzy of reactions among Catholics, ranging from amusement to grave concern over what some see as anti-Catholic sentiment. 

The magazine later changed the article’s headline from “How the Rosary Became an Extremist Symbol” to “How Extremist Gun Culture is Trying to Co-Opt the Rosary.” Among other edits to the text, an image of bullet holes forming the shape of a rosary was replaced with a picture of a rosary. 

Photo taken from the National Catholic Register

This was not a parody on the Babylon Bee but an article in a formerly respected national magazine. I am shocked that there is no wild outrage from the Catholics of the country. To be fair, all religions should be outraged. Keep in mind that large box stores were open during the Pandemic, but houses of worship were forbidden to hold in-person services for nearly two years.

Footnote: I cohosted our monthly radio show this week with my friend Liz Gabert. Life with Liz on WSMN 1590 from Nashua, NH. I hope you will enjoy our discussion. 

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