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No Plan in Place for Gas to EV Conversion


You expect the government to be dysfunctional, but how they are trying to force America to Electric Vehicles is setting a new low in long-range thinking. To make matters worse and more confusing, are the number of states passing laws forbidding the sale of gasoline-powered automobiles in as few as thirteen years. You can make that thirty-three years, and it will still be too soon for many Americans. I am one who never wants to give up my gas vehicles.

Currently, there are 287 million automobiles registered and on the road in America. The average age is 12 years which is on the rise as people are holding onto their cars longer. The main reason for that increase is the rising cost of a replacement vehicle. The average cost of a new car is about $45,000, while the price of a new electric vehicle starts at $65,000 and rising. This entry-level price will not entice Americans to ditch their beloved gas vehicle.

Currently, the government is offering a $7,000 rebate towards the purchase of an EV. On the day the government announced that rebate, Ford increased the price of an EV by $8,000, and Tesla increased by $15,000. So much for a rebate. If the rebate stays in place to stimulate conversion, the cost to taxpayers could be $2.3 Trillion Dollars. Do we simply add this to our $30 Trillion Deficit? The DEMS would say go for it.

Pulling the plug on the fossil fuel industry was a bad decision and certainly a premature one. This decision has had worldwide ramifications. Europe was one of our most significant natural gas buyers, and Biden has forced them to go elsewhere. That elsewhere is Russia, and they are not selling enough to keep Europeans warm this winter. It is not hyperbole to say that Europeans will die from the cold this winter due to a lack of fuel, and those deaths are all on Biden. In January, you will not hear about this atrocity in Biden’s State of the Union.

We do not have the raw materials for the batteries that will power this massive fleet of new EVs. The Lithium will come from China, which is another way they will control America and her people. We also have no plan for the disposal of used EV batteries which are as toxic as nuclear waste. What is the motivation for a dealer to offer a customer cash for a gas vehicle with no resale value?

We will also need to have every home equipped with EV charging equipment, and in many sections of the country, we are already experiencing brown and blackouts because our grid is inadequate. What happens when every household plugs in their EV at night? We may have to shut down every electric component at night as the country charges their cars. Brilliant.

We will need an infrastructure of charging stations to replace gas stations across the country. Unlike fueling your car in five minutes, it can take an hour to charge an EV battery. I can see the lines forming for miles as people wait their turn to plug in!

One last thought, where will we bury 287,000,000 cars that are no longer legal to drive? Maybe we can use the Grand Canyon because with everyone driving EVs, nobody will be able to venture west to see one of our most fantastic natural attractions. Excellent job, Joe and Mayor Pete. You have really thought this one through.

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