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‘Enforcement Arm Of The Democratic Party’: Former DNI Calls Out Partisanship In FBI, DOJ

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe tore into the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) over the Aug. 8 Mar-a-Lago raid during a Sunday Fox News appearance, claiming the agencies were partisan.

“The American people, unfortunately, see when it comes to Republicans, in particular Donald Trump that for the past six years, we have an FBI and Department of Justice that have literally become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party,” Ratcliffe said.

Ratcliffe cited several incidents, notably the FBI’s handling of allegations that former President Trump colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential campaign.


“Jim Comey, on his book tour admitted, I did things to Donald Trump that I’d never do on Barack Obama or would have tried,” Ratcliffe said.

“Think about that, an FBI director admitting, ‘I applied the law unevenly, I applied my authorities unevenly because it was Donald Trump and Republicans,’” Ratcliffe said. “To that point, that FBI director, having cleared Clinton before he talked to her, opened an investigation into Donald Trump’s after, after he had learned that the Russia collusion allegations were actually created by Hillary Clinton and then went so far as to lie on the FISA court and verify a dossier he knew to be fake to continue spying on the Trump campaign.”

FBI agents raided Mar-a-Lago on Aug. 8, executing a search warrant as part of a probe into allegations surrounding classified materials. The raid was criticized by Republicans and conservatives.

The Department of Justice did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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One Comment

  1. Unless the predicted “Red Wave” is a Tsunami we may not be able to survive. We are way further down the “rabbit hole” than most Americans realize. Biden and the Democrats have weaponized not just the FBI, but all the three letter agencies; the IRS, the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ, the DOE, and even the DOD, against the political opposition. The mainstream media and all the social media are complicit. As in China and third world dictatorships, dissidents are threatened and jailed while supporters are encouraged to riot and burn with impunity. Witness the Democrat encouraged riots in the summer of 2020; which killed 24, injured thousands of police officers, and did billions and billions of dollars of damage as BLM and ANTIFA torched dozens of cities across the U.S..

    Not only do “red waves” need to happen but Republicans with some courage will need to “root out” and get rid of all the entrenched communists and socialists. I am not hopeful as I have seen very little courage displayed in the face of a totally illegal open border, the compromised election, real domestic terrorism in the form of Antifa and BLM (not “white supremacists” or parents), and the ongoing silence with dozens of American citizens unconstitutionally locked up in a D.C. gulag on trumped up trespassing for over a year and a half with no due process and no bail, and some 200 have already been sentenced for “walking around in unauthorized areas”. I don’t know if there is a way back from the current levels of lies, deceit, submission, subversion and subterfuge,

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