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Democrat Mayors Cry Uncle


Mayors Bowser of Washington D.C. and Adams of New York are looking as foolish as politicians can look. They are getting a small taste of what the Border States have been enduring for eighteen months, and that snippet is not sitting well. Adams quickly called out the Governors of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. Bowser wants the Feds to send the National Guard to hold off the onslaught of humanity.

First, these mayors are looking foolish complaining about a couple of thousand illegal immigrants descending on their city when tens of thousands engulf small towns along the Border every day. They had no problem with a broken Border until the buses hit their city. Pathetic.

These mayors, and all Democrats, had no problem with Joe Biden putting an end to building the wall on Day One of his administration. These folks had no problem with Joe Biden erasing our Southern Border and allowing over two million illegals into the country since January 2021, until now. Now that they have been made a border city, they suffer and cannot deal with the crisis.

With their childish rants, they are telling the world that this crisis at the Border is real and is a threat. Until now, Democrats have been united in their desire to eradicate our Southern Border and open our country to people from all over the world. They continue to claim that these migrants are fleeing the horrors of the Northern Triangle in Central America. They will not acknowledge the reality that these people coming from over 150 countries are unvetted, unvaccinated, and potential threats to our national security.

Our President has yet to visit the Southern Border. Our Vice President was assigned the task of solving the Border Crisis over a year ago, and she has yet to travel to the Border. No excuse. Kamala Harris cannot be bothered with the open Border. If big city mayors like Bowser and Adams continue to draw attention to the Border, the media will be forced to cover the story. Should the media start spreading the truth about the Border Crisis, Kamala Harris may be forced to respond. That should be interesting but will prove futile as Harris is not capable of the challenge,

Governor Abbott of Texas has invited Mayors Bowser and Adams to come to his state. He wants them to see firsthand what the Biden policies have done to damage the actual Border States. They may have a different perspective on the issue once they see what they are experiencing in their cities versus the magnitude of the crisis in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. If they are honest, they will have no choice but to join the people saying the Border must be shut down.

This situation with New York and Washington D.C. has exposed the difference between Republicans responding to an issue and Democrats denying it exists. We see this same dilemma with inflation, recession, the plague of Fentanyl, and even the rise in crime. The Democrats and the media believe if you don’t recognize a crisis, it doesn’t exist. All of these issues exist for Americans. We don’t have the option of closing our eyes and saying it isn’t so.

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