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Chuck Grassley Accuses FBI Of Partisan Double Standard In Hunter Biden Probe

Republican Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley accused the FBI of a double standard in probes of former President Donald Trump and Hunter Biden, arguing the bureau is politically motivated.

Grassley argued in a Wednesday letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray that the FBI failed to refute his claims that it started an investigation into Trump “based in substantial part on liberal news articles and information derived from a liberal non-profit,” yet stopped investigative work into Hunter Biden’s business dealings and alleged misconduct despite “verified and verifiable information” supporting them. He claimed “numerous whistleblowers” had given his office information indicating a “deeply rooted political infection” affecting investigations into Trump and Hunter Biden.

“How can verified and verifiable information relating to Hunter Biden’s potential criminality be shared with U.S. Attorney Weiss if it is shut down?” Grassley asked on Wednesday. “How can the Hunter Biden criminal investigation be full and complete if the FBI improperly shut down verified and verifiable information and sourcing relating to potential criminal activity? How can Congress and the American people trust the results?”

Grassely referenced three previous letters he had addressed to Wray.

Wray had called accusations that former Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Washington field office Timothy Thibault posted partisan social media content and suppressed information in the probe of Hunter Biden’s business activities “deeply troubling” on Aug. 4, according to Politico. Federal authorities have been investigating Hunter Biden for potential unregistered foreign lobbying during work for foreign interests, money laundering and tax law violations, according to Newsweek.

The senator’s July 18 letter claimed whistleblower allegations indicated that the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s 2020 campaign and its advisors was predicated on a document “based in substantial part on January 2022 CNN news articles” that relied on American Oversight information.

The FBI did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment about the August 17 letter.

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One Comment

  1. The timing of the illegal raid on Mar-a-Lago is obvious. Garland had the concocted warrant in hand but sat on it for weeks. Why would he do that if it was “vital for national security”? Because they wanted the nation to forget about the anniversary of Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan and, secondly, because the Jan. 6 committee has stalled out as a classic failure (like the Mueller Investigation) and they are desperate to find something to keep Trump from running in 2024. How on earth could “a typically narrow” warrant allow anything and everything from Trump’s estate and any document spanning his full four years as President to be seized. It’s illegal and insane and everybody knows it.

    Of course we have a two-tiered justice system. The Biden administration has weaponized all the three letter agencies (the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, and even the DOD) against its political opposition. Now in the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” they will spend 80 billion dollars to add 87,000 armed agents and double the size of the IRS. Making it bigger than the DOJ and the FBI combined. It’s obscene. Remember that Biden promised that NO ONE making under $400,000 would pay another penny in taxes? Do you really think that they would need to double the size of the IRS to audit the 1.8% of taxpayers making over $400,000? Historically, over 50% of all audits are on taxpayers making under $75,000. It’s all another lie and EVERYONE will be paying higher taxes.

    As far as the “rule of law” it’s become a disgusting and dangerous joke. There are never any consequences for Democrats who break the law and that has been going on for years. Remember Lois Lerner? She targeted Republican groups when she was head of the IRS and is now retired comfortably on a full government pension. How about Eric Holder, who was held in contempt of Congress for the “Fast and Furious” debacle that got a border agent killed. No problem there. Same with Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, and Michael Sussman who colluded and lied to concoct the fake “dossier” to launch a Special Prosecutor investigation and then two impeachment attempts to unseat a duly elected President. They locked up General Flynn when the FBI conspired to catch him lying, but James Clapper and John Brennon lied to Congress with no consequences, got their full retirements and now have lucrative gigs on CNN. I could go on and on.

    Wake up America. Unless there is a Republican Tsunami, and not just a “red wave” in November, I suspect our Republic will be gone forever.

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