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Woke Warriors is a Conundrum

A strong military is one of the few purposes of a central federal government. To protect the people from foreign or domestic threats is the charge given to the various branches of our defense. There has never been the purpose of the brave men and women of our armed forces to promote social justice. To do so is a waste of the energy and expertise of those who have stepped up to protect the homeland.

It is projected that the Army will fall short by 10,000 new volunteers in 2022. With any government prediction, the actual number will be far greater. People are pointing to many reasons for this shortfall. Some reasons seem like a stretch for how much longer can we blame everything on the Pandemic? Mandatory vaccinations could have something to do with the shortfall, and we saw this week with Joe Biden how little protection two vaccines and two boosters can be.

A more understandable reason might be the new woke mentality that the Biden administration is bringing to our defense department. People who step up to serve have a mentality and personality that makes them ready to sacrifice their lives to keep us free. These people are not the type of people to worry about pronouns. These people are tough and thin skin is not in their DNA.

The Biden administration focusing on DEIJ and LGBTQ+ issues rather than ensuring we have the best trained and equipped military in the world is turning off people who would have readily signed up a few years ago. The ads run by the Defense Department to attract recruits were embarrassing. One ad featured a young girl attending her mother’s marriage to her same-sex partner. Her mom taught her to be strong and do whatever she wanted. She went to college and then signed up for the Service. The ad was done as a cartoon which added to the poor message. Why did someone think it essential to include same-sex marriage in a military recruitment “cartoon ?” Because in today’s world, inclusion is more important than competence and readiness.

A former Army Officer and Purple Heart recipient who lost both legs in Afghanistan was on Fox this morning. He had much to say about the new woke Army and why it is stifling recruitment. He believes that when men and women are in combat, their last concern is the social thinking of the people next to them in the field. They don’t care about your sexual preference, skin color, or ethnic background, but rather that you have been adequately trained to complete the mission. They don’t want woke, but warriors, and the fact that the Army is lowering standards and is more concerned about diversity than training is turning many away.

Like almost every other policy decision, the Biden administration has also gotten this one wrong. Inflation, the porous Southern Border, our lousy energy policy, and now, the military. Every decision is a bad one, and every one impacts our National Security by weakening us on the global stage.

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