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The House of Representatives Spent Nearly $100,000 On Meditation App Memberships In Wake Of Jan. 6

The United States House of Representatives spent taxpayer money on a meditation app for its members and staff in order to cope with the stress of the Jan. 6, 2021 attacks, according to Fox News.

Documents revealed that $96,000 was spent by the House for a membership to the meditation app Calm, according to Fox News. Democratic Ohio Rep. and Senate candidate Tim Ryan spearheaded the partnership.

Ryan argued that this was necessary in order to “support you [members of Congress and their staff’s] with their comprehensive mental and emotional support resources and to help develop and improve your resilience, growth, productivity, and overall well-being,” a letter written by Ryan informed the House. Ryan is known for using and embracing meditation and relaxation therapy in his personal life, according to Fox News.

Membership was granted to 4,000 eligible employees of the House and included tools to help one meditate from scerne sounds to breathing exercises, according to Fox News. The partnership was funded under the pretense that it would be used to quell any trauma, stress or anxiety raised by the riot on Jan. 6, 2021.

The House Wellness Center was supposed to report any spending over $3,500, but failed to do so, Fox News reported. The center focuses on the well-being of the members of the House and is under the jurisdiction of the House Administration Committee, which funded the project.

Republicans have pointed to this investment as an example of reckless government spending under the Democratic-controlled House, according to Fox News.

Republican Wisconsin Rep. Brian Steil’s office and Ryan’s office did not respond to requests for comment by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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