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Sunday Spotlight: Johnny Joey Jones

Johnny Joey Jones may be missing part of his body, but he makes up for that with a huge heart, sharp mind, and a gift of communication. I do not know Joey, but of all the people I see and listen to in the media, he is one person I would love to know better, and maybe nobody for which I have more respect. Johnny Joey Jones is a giant of a man.

Joey is a former Marine, although they say you are never a “former” Marine who was a bomb tech in Afghanistan. He had already spent eight years in Afghanistan when in 2010, his life changed forever when he took a step and landed on an IED. That ordinance took his legs but never touched his spirit. He endured the surgeries to save his life, rehabbed his body, got onto his mechanical prosthetic legs, and got on with his new life.

For most of Joey’s adult life, he had served his country as a proud Marine. With his new legs, he had to find a new purpose, and he has found many and is using his mind and voice as his new weapons of war.
He is no longer fighting terrorism in the sands of Afghanistan but is fighting for veterans and all Americans in Washington, on FOX News and FOX Nation, and through his consulting and speaking. JJJ may not be college educated but was schooled by life, and he is a master at sharing his knowledge and experience.

Joey first went to Washington, where he made such an impression that Barack Obama called on him for his knowledge, expertise, and counsel. It was a wise move by the former President. Joey got the bug for politics during his time in the Capitol, but politics will have to wait. Joey said, “I want politics to be better before I put myself in it,” he said.” I’d like to run for Congress someday, but I’m still thinking about it.” That decision is indicative of the intelligence of this simple kid who grew up in poverty with his mom in a double wide. “I believe I can be more honest and genuine in the media than I can in government right now,” he said.

It has been a pleasure watching Joey grow in his new career in media with FOX. He has been used in many roles and appears regularly on FOX First, Outnumbered, The Five, and almost every primetime show. He is more than a go-to person on military topics. He has sound ideas on politics, world affairs, and holds his own against any debate foe.

One of the things that amazes me about Johnny Joey Jones is his humor, zest for life, and his ability to make light of his challenges. To think of how we complain about the simplest inconveniences, and here is someone who has lost half of his body and works to encourage others. He is a giant of a man and an inspiration not only to injured veterans but to all who hear his words.

Joey is married and has two children. He is a family man, a veteran, and a hero. He is someone I hope to meet someday and just have a chat about life, the state of the world, and what JJJ would do to make it better. I think he has the power to do the latter.

God bless you, Johnny Joey Jones. He saved you in Afghanistan because he has a plan for you, and it appears you are already working on His plan. Keep up your incredible mission and we will enjoy watching your journey.

Content syndicated from ConservatriveViewFromNH.com with permission

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