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Live Babies Left To Die After Failed Abortions, Report Reveals

Several infants were left to die after being born alive during botched abortions in Minnesota in 2021, according to a state health report.

Abortion procedures resulted in the birth of live infants in five separate incidents, and life-saving measures were not reported to have been used in any of the incidents, the Minnesota Health Department report found.

Two infants were pre-viable and were left to die with no attempts made to save their lives, according to the report. One infant with an unspecified fetal abnormality was also left to die without medical care.

In two instances, infants were born alive after abortions and given “comfort care measures” before dying; the report makes no note of whether life-saving measures were attempted in these cases.

The Minnesota Legislature requires abortion providers to report when infant children are born alive following failed abortions, according to the report. State law also recognizes born-alive abortion survivors as people and requires practitioners to afford them proper medical practice including reasonable measures to preserve the child’s life and health.

In total, 10,136 abortions were reported in the state throughout 2021.

The Minnesota Department of Health did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. I don’t care what YOU LIBERALS want to call it. Live birth abortions are murder, plain and simple. You are murdering infants, and getting away with it by calling this heinous act abortion. This needs to change. I will never support a law which makes it legal to kill infants after a heart beat is detected, You are all murders. You cannot continue to kill babies, and call it an abortion. This is MURDER.

  2. It is sickening to read that humans allow live babies to just die because of a failed abortion. It takes a pretty cold heart and missing soul to be able to let babies die if they know how to help them live. Murderers is what they are, and these are people who are actually proud of what they do. Shame on them for murdering babies who have all the right in the world to live, same as the people who take their lives from them. Maybe babies have more right, the murderers have killed another person so they should face the same fate as they have handed the baby.

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