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Here’s How The GOP Is Laying The Groundwork To Win The Midterms

The GOP is ramping up efforts on the ground to drive up voter turnout ahead of the midterm elections by expanding voter outreach to minority communities and training party leaders.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is holding its National Weekend of Action beginning Saturday, holding trainings for party leaders and recruiting thousands of volunteers to go door to door as well as call residents in communities across the nation, party officials told the Daily Caller News Foundation. The party’s efforts to take back Congress include opening community centers for minority groups to congregate and share the Republican party’s message to other minorities.

“The RNC’s unmatched data-driven ground game and a grassroots army of volunteers is spreading the Republican Party’s message in every community across the country,” Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), told the DCNF. “Our commitment to engage with voters at the community level is how we will take back the House and Senate this November. Elections are won on the ground, and the RNC has the message and infrastructure to ensure our victory.”

The weekend includes 300 scheduled Republican Leadership Initiative Trainings, or seminars designed to train people interested in working for the GOP on how to effectively persuade their local communities to support the party.

“We’re optimistic that the efforts that we put in are because the leadership of Ronna McDaniel is already having an impact,” RNC national spokesperson Paris Dennard told the DCNF.

The RNC is also ramping up its minority outreach, opening over 30 community centers geared toward minority voters. A record number of black Republicans are running for congress this year, and Hispanics have shifted overwhelmingly toward the GOP in recent polls.

“We believe we will see more [minorities] come over to the Republican Party and that trend line will continue to go up, because we have a winning message, an inclusive message and proof of concept because it highlights the contrast of where we were under Republican leadership and where we are now with Democrat leadership,” Dennard said. He believes the community centers are important because they provide a platform for minorities to tell potential voters why they joined the Republican party.

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is hosting its own National Weekend of Action, featuring an hour-long virtual talk from Vice President Kamala Harris, also marking 100 days until the midterm elections. The party is pushing similiar initiatives to the RNC including knocking on doors and calling local residents andasking them to vote for their party’s candidates.

While Republicans are almost unanimously expected to regain the House this November, they are trailing in key Senate races and a majority in both chambers is not guaranteed, according to a Thursday Fox News poll.

The DNC did not immediately respond to the DNCF’s request for comment.

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