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Climate vs Weather, The Left Does Not Know the Difference

It is hot. Most of the country is in the grip of a heat wave. There is no disputing that it is uncomfortable and, for some, unhealthy. The heat wave is the perfect situation for the unknowing, yes, ignorant Left to call for a Climate Emergency. You see, for the Left, any condition they see as existential can be cured by Executive Orders and restrictions. As I said, they are ignorant.

By the way, before I go on, ignorant is not a derogatory term. It is a word to describe someone who does not understand a subject. The Left is ignorant of the climate. Weather is what is occurring in the atmosphere at the current time. Climate is the average of weather statistics over a thirty-year period. It is not what is happening this week but what happens over 1560 weeks. The Left believes that the entire country suffering from near triple-digit temperatures for a week means the polar ice caps are melting away and will flood our coastlines.

Don’t you find it ironic that some politicians who bought into the Climate Change movement, like Obama, Kerry, and Biden, all have multiple oceanfront properties? If our coastlines are under the existential threat of being engulfed by high water due to Climate Change, are they investing millions in homes in the crosshairs of giant killer waves? Because they know it is a lie.

We have been told for more than fifty years that we only have a few years to live. For decades, these Climate Change fanatics have been sounding the alarm and looking for changes in policy by the government to prevent an apocalypse. There are many problems with these cries for action. First, they are not based on facts. They are founded on weather and not on climate. Second, and I think most dramatic, is that these people firmly believe that America alone can impact the atmosphere. That is a very parochial and immature thought process. America has less than 10% of the land mass on Earth. Unless all countries combine similar efforts, the atmosphere will have minimal effect.

The heat wave is only impacting the northern Hemisphere, which is in summer. The Southern Hemisphere is in winter. Australia is experiencing some of its coldest temperatures on record. How do these Climate Change activists square this? They don’t. To acknowledge the disparity is to take away their argument that the world is warming while half of it, today, is freezing.

We need to tune out these groups that are not speaking on facts and listen to the scientists. The Earth has warmed by 1.4 degrees Celsius in the last century and is predicted to be the same for the next hundred years. That does not equate to an existential threat. That does not mean we cannot take steps to improve the quality of our atmosphere. We can control carbon emissions to enhance the quality of our air, but it does not mean that we need to abandon fossil fuels.

One last situation needs to be addressed while discussing steps to impact the climate. America is currently shutting down fossil fuels under the Biden administration. They are pushing for conversion to electric vehicles. The batteries, battery chemicals, and chips are sourced from China. At the same time, China has us in their control for the future of EVs, they are building coal-burning plants throughout their country. Two countries and cultures are going in different directions. Further evidence of why we may never reach a consensus on how to address Climate Change.

The best thing we can do is ensure our politicians pay attention to the facts and not the noise. According to recent polls, only 3% of Americans put Climate Change in their top five considerations. That is certainly not enough to impact policy and direction. We need to get politicians to get a grasp on reality.

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